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Get to know the Esse Chaise

Full disclosure, I work for Liberator, but I had never tried one of our chaises or loungers. I love my Wedge/Ramp Combo, and it is not difficult to take the concept that sex at an angle works better for penetration and comfort and apply that to furniture. I trusted that it does what was promised, but I was truly surprised at how well it does it.

I’d been eyeing the Esse Chaise for a while. It just looks sexy, low to the ground and sleek curves. I also really liked the faux leather. It feels smooth, even a little cold to the touch. I considered the more popular Esse, which is higher off the ground and comes in super soft velvish, but I wanted something easy to straddle so the narrower Esse Chaise was for me. If you are looking for more width and height, go for the Esse.

I surprised my husband with it—he loves it when I bring work home! It was easy to set up and we were ready in minutes. It looks larger in my bedroom than I had anticipated, so I would measure before you buy to make sure it will fit. It looks so modern you really could put it in any room in your house, but it’s so great for sex you are probably going to want to keep it in your bedroom. When not being the center of your playtime, it’s very comfortable for reading and watching TV.

Off to a Good Start

On to the good stuff! He sat down in the middle and I sat facing him with my legs over his. You can have sex in this position, but to me, it was an intimate way to start. Facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes really builds the connection. Your body feels so much freer when you are sitting up, rather than fighting with the bed and who get the useless arm that is stuck in between you two.

Esse Chaise

The gentle curves really follow the contours of your body. I have always thought women looked beautiful on this shape, like the elegance of their body is reflected in the curves of the Esse Chaise. But it goes beyond aesthetics to hug your body and keep you really comfortable. We must have tried 15 different positions, trying to explore everything this new landscape provides.

Position Possibilities

Esse ChaiseMy favorites are girl-on-top and doggy. On a bed, being on top can wear a girl out pretty quickly. With the Esse Chaise, there is a good amount of bounce from the foam, so you don’t have to work as hard to keep moving. It is easy to move your body up and down because your feet are well planted on the ground, but I found a forward and back movement even easier. Doggy was super comfortable as well, and there are so many different angles to try it from. My favorite is bent over the big hump, but if you want something more vertical you can sit in the middle and lean over the big hump with him behind you.

Go for Oral

Esse Chaise

Oral was also super easy. Have your partner lay down on the Esse Chaise and put your knees on top of the big hump. He gets full access and it frees up your hands to explore. Or you lay on the Esse Chaise and he can lay his chest on the small hump with his legs off the front. The design angle is awesome for access and comfort; he’ll be comfortable resting his chest at an angle he doesn’t have to bend his neck to get to you.

The one position it is not ideal for, in my experience, is the traditional missionary. If you are looking for the old tried-and-true, stick to your Wedge/Ramp Combo on the bed. You can still do missionary, but because of the narrow width, he will have to wrap his legs around the side and place his feet on the ground—a fine option that gives him a lot of thrusting power, but not exactly what would occur in a bed.

Which one to Choose?

One other thing—the faux leather looks great and feels nice, but it is not as easy to slide around on as the velvish. If you want to switch positions, you will have to get up and move rather than slip around to your next spot. I’m happy with what I got, but if you are looking for a seamless experience without having to pause and adjust, go for the velvish.

It’s not surprising the Esse Chaise is incredibly appealing. I see how much work goes into making couples happy here at Liberator. But I it’s surprising how great things are on this Shape. It really makes you wonder why we have sex in a bed at all. Beds are for sleeping—sex furniture is for sex.

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