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Look—I get it. It’s completely understandable if you reflexively condemn anything to do with anal. Going in through the out door doesn’t instinctively sound appealing. But hear me out. There’s a lot more going on below than you realize, and a new exciting way to explore the depths. The b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug is more than just an another ass plug—it’s a whole new world of ass pleasures.

Great for Starters

A lot of people have stringent backdoor policies. For some, it’s a no-go zone, while others like exploring with smaller toys. The b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug is perfect for new explorers. Not too big and not too small, the Trio is essentially the Goldilocks of anal sex toys. What I really liked was its compact, slim design. The Trio slides right in without feeling discomfort. My only complaint about the design was that the cumbersome base needs a little more tweaking. I found that it got in the way during penetration or while using a dildo.

Vibration for Days

The great thing about the b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug is you can use it manually or with the remote. In terms of power, this butt plug has 3 motors which send vibrations directly where you want them. The motor at the tip provides strong sensation for the P-spot. The central motor provided a remarkable unique sensation that is hard to describe in words. And then the motor at the base tingled and teased my sensitive starfish. It felt very similar to having someone gently lick my dainty bud.

Anal Orgasms

A co-worker of mine recently decided to wear the b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug all day. It’s a sexy secret and really keeps your motor running all day long. Curious, I followed suite and was surprised at how comfortable it felt while walking around. My husband had a blast occasionally using the remote and surprising me with a jolt of vibration. I was getting more turned on by the moment and suddenly experienced an anal orgasm without any other form of stimulation.

Bells and Whistles

b-Vibe has really done a great job not only with their packaging but with their overall design concept. Gender neutral and designed to fit any body, the b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug is a stand out product. Charging it was simple with the magnetic USB cable. I did have to maneuver the toy so that the charger would stay connected. The cool thing about this toy is it comes with its own carrying case for easy travel. Not like I’m planning on ever taking it on the road with me, but the option is always nice.

Why Choose the b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug?

No longer a deviant delight, anal sex is now being perceived as the new normal. What I really like about b-Vibe is their welcoming approach to trying anal sex. Although their products are aesthetically pleasing, it’s the functional quality of each toy that really matters. The b-Vibe Trio Butt Plug is the ideal starter toy. It is made from quality, body safe silicone that feels nice against the skin. Even if you’re a seasoned anal professional, this toy packs a pretty powerful punch.


  • Tapered and slim design makes it easy for insertion.
  • Gender neutral. Not too big or small.
  • Does not feel uncomfortable during long-term use.
  • 8-vibration intensity levels and 9-vibration patterns.
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Splash proof—but not waterproof. There’s a difference.
  • Come with a cute travel case.


  • Base is a bit too large and gets in the way during penetration.
  • Manual control gets a little tricky.
  • Could have a bit more power at the base of the stem.
  • It’s a little loud but not overwhelming.
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