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Making Her Squirt With These Easy Steps

If making her squirt has been on your list, then you’ve come to the right place. Squirting is considered, by many, the holy grail of orgasms. For a lot of women, it’s a strong climatic finish punctuated by a gush of fluid. Those who are fortunate enough to experience these types of orgasms swear how amazing squirting feels and that nothing comes close in comparison.

But what exactly is squirting? Is squirting an actual thing? Can any woman squirt? How do you get your partner squirting? What if you cannot achieve a squirting orgasm?

To answer those questions and then some—sit back on a Liberator Fascinator Throw and relax. We are going to dive headfirst into the wet and wild world: A Beginner’s Guide to Making Her Squirt.

What is Squirting exactly?

Squirting is a popular term also known as also known as ‘female ejaculation’. Basically, it is the act of expelling fluids during an intense orgasm. Depending on your physiological makeup, the quantity of fluid can be small, white, and milky, while some may experience a gush-like feeling reminiscent of Niagra Falls.

Pee or No Pee? That is the Question

Sadly a lot of stigma and controversy still surrounds squirting. It does not help that some of the scientific community is conflicted as to whether squirting actually exists. Some agree that squirting involves, in some part, secretions from the Skene’s glands (otherwise known as the ‘female prostate’). And some–like climate change deniers, just don’t even want to acknowledge female ejaculation.

A recent single study found that fluid coming from heavy gushers maybe from the bladder and it simply just pee. Of course, leveraging this study for their own benefit, the media manipulated it to mean that squirting was just a woman peeing. Just because some of the fluid may be comprised of urine, it should not invalidate the sensations experienced in the midst of squirting.

The good news is the squirting community (yes, there is a community) was not having it. For those capable of squirting a hashtag was born #NotPee.

making her squirt

Making Her Squirt

Okay, now that we have the education portion out of the way, let’s focus on making her squirt. But before we move any further, we have a tidbit of advice. Before you start poking around in there, the first thing you will want to do is communicate! Talk with your lover and explore how squirting will make her feel.

Remember—it’s her pussy and her choice! So, checking in with her before trying to strike a deal is super-duper important. If you try doing this without communicating with her, I can promise it can result in deep resentment and a sexual rift. So please, tread lightly.

The second bit of advice I have is R.E.L.A.X. Squirting may look and sound like an overwhelming achievement, but the point of sex isn’t to shoot for the goal post—it’s about savoring the journey that helped in getting you to the destination.

The more you put pressure on yourselves about squirting, the more pent up anxiety you may experience. Pressure and stress create a domino effect where no one will be able to relax and end of feeling stressed. So, please watch your expectations and do not put pressure on each other.


You can increase your chances in making her squirt by setting the scene. Here are our Pro Tips for mastering the squirting orgasm.

Spread out the Liberator Fascinator Throw

By spreading out the Fascinator Throw, you’re not only setting a mood, but also putting her at ease. Many women simply can’t relax or end up sub-consciously ‘holding back’ because they’re worried about messing up or wetting the bed. Having your linens and blankets covered and protected with a waterproof barrier will aid in boosting her confidence, especially when a squirting orgasm catches her by surprise.

Making Her Squirt: A Beginners Guide

It’s All About the G-Spot

G-Spot orgasms are kissing cousins to squirting orgasms. Learning how to stimulate her G-Spot gets you on the path to success. Squirting typically happens with prolonged G-Spot stimulation. So, please make sure you find her G-Spot and become best buddies with it by offering up some long-time stimulation–either manually with your fingers or a specially designed G-spot sex toy.

The female G-Spot is typically located about 1 to 1.5-inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. It feels noticeably different from the rest of the vaginal canal. Many describe it as a spongy feeling just slightly inside the vagina. Also, applying pressure to the G-Spot can sometimes prompt a ‘need to urinate’ sensation.

If you’re still uncertain, it’s best to ask your partner if she knows the location of her G-Spot. Let her be your tour guide as she takes you through the motions. This is one of the best ways of discovering her sexual needs too.

Be Open to Using Sex Toys

Squirting orgasms rely on firm and constant pressure. Please note that just because you can’t make her squirt using your hands or fingers, does not mean you’re failing. To be honest, the best form of stimulation to making her squirt is by using a sex toy specially designed for G-Spot stimulation. Look for sex toys that have a curved, bulbous head and includes a firm shaft. Vibration is not always necessary.

Personally, I love the Gvibe 2 Flexible G-Spot Stimulator. The split design is perfect for adding pressure and stimulation on the G-spot while simultaneously adding vibration on the clit. Also, you can really pinpoint the G-Spot using a soft back and forth motion. Pump on the vibration on that baby and watch the water overflow!

making her squirt
Gvibe2 Anatomical Massager

Metal toys from Njoy are fantastic too. I highly recommend the Njoy Pure Wand because of its curved shape and slightly bulbous head. The stainless steel instantly warms up to her body temperature and can also be used for sensation play.

Making Her Squirt
Njoy Pure Wand

Rapid and deep thrusting works well in producing squirting orgasms. But what is most effective is communicating with your partner and checking her status too.

It’s Not a Race

When it comes to making her squirt, you better not be rushed for time. So, perhaps an early morning session may not be the best idea to start exploring. Most experienced [squirters] recommend a minimum of 20 minutes. Although you may want to take or add more time especially if you’re a beginner.

The key is building-up the arousal. Squirting is mostly achieved during the peak of sexual pleasure. You’ll want to start off slow with some foreplay and build on the excitement. Edging her is a great way of building to a squirting orgasm. One thing is for certain, though, making her squirt cannot be rushed! Also, playing with the nipples can help with added sensation during a squirting orgasm.

Encourage the Release

Not all squirting orgasms are created equal. It really depends on how your partner’s body response to stimuli and how she is sexually wired. The great thing about making her squirt is that you’re playing an integral role in her release. When she is finally ready to let go, she will feel a swell of pleasure rising from the center of her body. All she has to do is enjoy and relish the sensations and let the body build up to the climax. She will have to resist the urge to clamp down and instead expand her breathing for a gushing release.

Your duty is making sure you effectively communicate with your partner and perhaps have a signal in place for when she is nearing orgasm. You will want a word or gentle gesture that means upping the ante, as squirting is usually achieved through strong thrusts and pressure.

You will have to tune into her body language too and listen to her cues while you begin to stimulate her toward the edge. With any luck, her body will respond with a wet release which may involve a small amount of fluid or a lot. Once again, it all depends.

Also, check in with your partner and see how she feels. Express your enjoyment of the experience and shower her with gentle aftercare and cuddling— that is she wants it. This will be an intense bonding experience for you both, but most especially something memorable for her. As she’s coming down from riding a wave of pleasure, you can be the calming energy that gently brings her back to earth.

You’ll Be a Pro in No Time

The biggest hurdle most women face when it comes to squirting is mental blocks. There is still so much stigma associated with powerful and wet female orgasms that it’s hard for a lot of women to just let go. The fear of making a mess and leaving a trace causes a lot of consternation in women.

When you let your partner know about your desire in making her squirt be clear that it’s about her!. The only expectation you should have is her pleasure. Over time everything will fall into place. And of course, if you don’t succeed the first time–it’s okay. Practice makes perfect!