Anal Sex Tips for Newbies

The biggest questions we get from people is “Why in the hell would anyone put something up thier butt?”

Our answer is “because it feels good.”

We could wax poetic about anal sex all day, but sometimes you just need a simple guided tour—complete with educational material for understanding the benefits on anal sex.

Equal Opportunity Orifice

The Butthole — is one of the most exciting parts of the anatomy you can explore. But for many couples this part of the body is often undervalued and underappreciated. The fact is the anus has tons of nerve endings and is full of pleasurable potential.

If you are searching for something exciting in the bedroom, anal sex is the key. If you’ve never tried it, then you’ve never felt something more amazing ever! Anal sex provides an intense sensation that is completely different from masturbation, oral and vaginal penetration. Plus, anal sex can be a way of sharing a sex play experience that is equally intense and bonding for each partner.

Shit Happens

One of the biggest fears about anal sex is not actually the discomfort, but the embarrassment of pooping on your partner. We get it…the butthole releases our bodies excess waste. And can be off-putting during a romantic moment.

The number one way of easing into anal sex is with a little cleaning. You don’t have to go whole hog, but perhaps some washing and an enema may be the key to getting over the brown hump.

First, you and your partner should understand that a little poop can happen and it’s completely natural.

Here are some pre-game anal sex tips:

  • Set aside about 20 minutes to get ready.
  • Using a shower head give your undercarriage a good once-over.
  • Wipe your behind with a wash cloth and gentle soap. Give it a rinse.
  • Enemas are not necessary. But if you decide on one, please know it can create cramping well after the wash out.
  • Avoid foods that can lead to constipation, like cheese and dairy. Eat lots of fiber and drink tons of water at least a few days before anal sex.
  • Farting is natural during anal sex. So it’s time to find your sense of humor.

Romancing the Rosebud

Feeling anxious about having anal sex is normal. However, sometimes those anxious feeling can often cause you to tense up on those muscles down there. Anal sex requires finesse and at the least, some intense foreplay.

When a woman is in a heightened state of arousal, her anus can become the epicenter of erogenous zones. Even having it stroked, massaged, or stimulated can provide unspeakable pleasure. In fact, some women are able to have orgasms just from anal stimulation alone without ever being penetrated.

But getting comfortable with anal takes a little maneuvering and requires trust. The ever-popular doggy-style, while great, is not the be-all-end-all to anal positions, and for many, it is too intense to enjoy. To find your sweet spot, try experimenting with some of the follow positions.

anal sex tips

Good Doggy

anal sex tipsMake from-behind positioning more inviting by bending yourself over on the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. The inclined Ramp increases the height of your hips and ass while the Wedge adds stability and support for your upper body. Using the Wedge (or Wing in your case) can work fine for some people, the Ramp gives more height and comfort in doggy and allows you to relax even more than the Wedge while on your stomach. Entry is made easier if you try to draw his penis inward as he is pushing forward. Your partner can then move his penis around inside of you by thrusting his hips forward and back, while you either remain still or move your hips from side to side. Not only will your elevated naughty bits allow for a deep penetration, it will give him a stunning visual of all the action.

Entry is made easier if you try to draw his penis inward as he is pushing forward. Your partner can then move his penis around inside of you by thrusting his hips forward and back, while you either remain still or move your hips from side to side. Not only will your elevated naughty bits allow for a deep penetration, it will give him a stunning visual of all the action.

Anal Sex Tips: Feel Inclined to Explore

anal sex tipsAlter the dynamic of the typical missionary position by adding a Liberator Black Label Ramp. The Twin Peaks position can give you the support to simply lie back, relax and spread yourself out. With your bum hanging off the top side of the Ramp, your partner can effortlessly attend to all of your sweet spots while keeping tension away from your backside, giving you more wiggle room without getting stretched too thin. With this point-of-view, he can increase your arousal by massaging and stimulating your anus with his fingers or anal sex toys. If you want to relinquish all control and surrender to your bliss, the Black Label Ramp comes prepared to easily attach your favorite wrist and ankles cuffs.

Anal Sex Tips: Show Off Your Assets

anal sex tipsThere is nothing more exciting than being placed upon a pedestal and being taken from behind—inch by inch. Kind of similar to doggy-style, the Pedestal is a more cooperative position that offers your standing lover the power to adjust his strokes, while you control the depth. Using The Liberator Flip Ramp, in its closed position, gives your body the height and support so that your anal opening is in line with his penis.

From that vantage point, he is able to spread your cheeks open and view the exciting entry. With a slight rocking motion, back yourself onto him at a pace that feels good or tease him by just allowing the tip. As your level of arousal increases, he can pick up the speed, but the enjoyment is in the slower deliberate strokes. When the action is complete, you start all over again by flipping the Ramp open and engaging in some intense after play.

anal sex tipsAnal Sex Tips: You Deserve an Encore

If slowing your roll and taking the scenic route is part of your agenda, then getting out of the bed can be the beginning enticing an experience. Simply stepping out of same-old routine, and adding an erotic massage, can make anal sex a titillating event (especially when it’s being done in a forbidden space in your home). Getting cozy with your lover and taking it real slow is all made possible with The Liberator Center Stage.

This portable platform comes with a bolster that gives rise to your hips and ass, and it was designed to make you the center of his attention—to be slowly caressed by your lover. Begin by laying face down on the platform and fit the bolster beneath your hips. Once you feel comfortable, your partner can deliver an erotic massage to the parts of his interest. Nothing feels more relaxing than deep ass massage while a lubed finger gently probes the anal opening. If seeing your partner face-to-face is exciting, simply flip over and allow the bolster raise your bum and begin again.

Anal Sex Tips: Shout it Out

All in all, anal sex feels good because everything down there is ultra sensitive. And like an other sensitive area, the anus can be easily injured without the proper precautions. Out of everything you do during anal sex — always, always use plenty of lube. Don’t skimp on moisturizing your anus and never, ever use spit! Treating your booty hole with love and respect will win it over! And never forget —  It’s all about the foreplay, ladies and gentlemen!

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