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Add some floorwork to your foreplay.

Take your love off the bed and on an adventure with the Escape. Make love anywhere—under the stars or on the kitchen floor; hard surfaces or dirt are no longer your concern. The Escape stores flat under most beds to be slipped out in a moment’s notice, or keep it in the storage bag as you take it camping with you. Plus, the microfiber cover works with other Shapes to prevent slipping, giving you the ultimate playscape. Escape from the ordinary.

Delivered vacuum compressed - get details about our eco-compressed packaging and product set-up tips.


Additional Information

SKU 10029
Brand Liberator
Material Velvish
Fabric Details

Velvish - plush faux velvet cover (in décor colors) – 100% polyester

Cover Machine-washable velvish
Liner Water barrier
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions Queen - 62" x 72" x 2"
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box


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Questions on Escape

  • From Jay & Kat at 12/11/2013 8:54 PM
    • From the description, the Escape Gearbag requires you to fold up the Escape. How well does the Escape handle being left folded for long periods, such as if it's being put in storage? While the Escape could be stored flat under a bed, many beds (ours included) have support legs in the center, making keeping the Escape there impossible.
    • If the escape is manufactured to tri-fold the product allowing it fold comfortably into the gearbag without damaging the product over time.
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  • From ashley lisk at 4/25/2014 10:41 PM
    • does it fold back up to fit in box?
    • We compress all items before shipping to reduce our carbon footprint and cost for our customer. However that means it will not go back in the box once uncompressed. Please know we do sell a carrying case for the Queen size item called a Gear Bag. Please check that out for carrying and storing purposes.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From kimberly at 2/20/2015 10:24 AM
    • This may sound like a strange question, but considering that the inner lining is said to be a "water barrier" I need to know if this water barrier liner makes any sort of crinkly noises as a person moves around on the mat? I need to be sure that this wouldn't be disruptive to the auditory sense, for someone who is hyper sensitive to such things. Hoping to use this in a silent setting, and would hate to have it making crinkling sounds whilst moving around on it. Thanks.
    • The internal barrier is a medical grade PVC PU barrier--The internal barrier is soft, making for a thick blanket and will produce a soft crinkle sound, however it is not loud enough to be considered distracting or very noticeable.
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  • From Andy at 6/17/2015 7:21 PM
    • A previous answer indicated that the Escape could be folded in thirds if manufactured to tri-fold specifications. Is this still the case? There appears to be no option for a foldable version any longer.
    • The product has small indents in the foam that allow for folding without damaging the product while stored, but will not stay tri-folded by it's self.
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  • From Jeffrey at 5/15/2016 3:30 PM
    • I was not able to find laundry instructions on the cover. How should it be washed (cold/hot) and dried (machine safe??)?
    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. Our Care and Washing instructions can be found on our website by clicking this link : https://www.liberator.com/caring-for-liberator-products.html. Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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  • From Michael at 8/28/2016 11:11 PM
    • How much does it weigh?
    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. The Escape weighs between 15-20 lbs. I hope this information is helpful.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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  • From Jake at 11/27/2016 8:30 AM
    • So I see that there are 2 models of the escape, this one and the escape wet. I want to have the nice soft feel this one provides as I want to use the wedge and ramp with it. We do water works and so I was wondering if this one would be okay for that? I'm sure the escape wet would be better but would rather have this escape as it seems like it would work better with the wedge and ramp than the escape wet would.
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The cover and liner are made of the same material as the Wedge/Ramp combo that you already have. The cover is also removable and machine washable and would be just fine for water works. Please be advised that we recommend immediately removing the cover so it doesn't allow the moisture to sit on the foam for too long and be absorbed. The cover and liner are moisture resistant, but not water proof.
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  • From Jeff at 1/2/2017 10:00 PM
    • Does the Liberator Escape still come in king size? Would really like to find a black microfiber king size Escape. This listing says queen. Please let me know!
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The Escape King has been discontinued and now only comes in Queen size.
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  • From Joe at 5/10/2017 8:44 AM
    • When put away in the storage bag what size does the queen size escape end up at?
    • Hi Joe!

      Thanks so much for getting in contact with Liberator.

      The dimensions for the Escape Gearbag are: 62" x 72" x 2", and the product will roll up inside the bag. When fully put away, the Escape and gearbag would be about the size of an average small suitcase. Hopefully this helps!

      Thank you,
      Customer Service
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  • From Joe at 5/10/2017 8:49 AM
    • What is the overall weight of a queen size escape pad
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The Escape weighs 12 lbs.
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  • From Ben at 6/27/2017 7:49 AM
    • Are oils ok to use on the escape?
    • Hi Ben,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator! Anything that is water-based is good to use on the Escape. If you're wishing to use oils, which could potentially stain, I'd recommend the Black Label - it comes with a machine washable PVC cover that is very easy to clean. I've included the link below. Hope this helps!


      Thank you!

      Customer Service
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Regular Price: $250.00

Special Price $199.00

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  • World's only moisture-resistant sex pad—sized for two.
  • For use anywhere—indoors or out—for the ultimate in sexual adventures.
  • Cover grips other Liberator Shapes to provide a platform for a variety of positions.
  • Soft microfiber cover feels lush against bare skin.
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • Moisture-resistant liner.
  • Queen size. Measurement in in inches:  62L x 72W x 2H
Every piece of American-made Liberator furniture undergoes a strenuous quality check before leaving our facility.
In order reduce our carbon footprint we developed a revolutionary vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from Shapes without compromising the integrity of the product.
All packages are shipped in nondescript brown boxes or standard issue boxes from UPS or USPS. The return address on the label is listed as “Fulfillment Center” and there is no indication of the contents of the package.
If you find a better price, call our customer service at 866-542-7283 and we will match it.
Liberator offers free shipping on every order over $75.

Great for Outside Fun


We enjoy sex play outdoors, in all seasons but coldest Winter, and even then we have found a place or two in where the sun is reflected and the grass is warm. We live in South-Central Texas where the seasons are Hot and Not-as-Hot. Great for lying unclothed in the shade under a pecan tree. Shields the pain from the pecans when they fall to the ground and cannot be seen before laying it out. Amazingly comfortable. It is, as pointed out elsewhere, bulky and hard to store, but it is worth every penny. Slides on tile floors, but not on grass. If you long to have comfortable lovemaking outside, save your money and get one of these. We actually have bought two. I wish they came in even bigger sizes.

South-Central Texas


Yes have bought 2... one for Az and one for Ak.


Use it in tent or cabin with Swinger friends. Works well with Jazz. EASY to clean. This is the second on I own...really need the nylon case to travel and store. I have water proofed case and out it under tool box in back of Ford 150.

Anchorage, Alaska


Excellent product!


Luv these mats. They are very comfortable!



The picnic blanket with extra oomph!


I have had my Escape for two years and we like it, but wish it were just a bit more cushiony. It is great to take the hardness of the ground for sitting on, and would probably be good for smaller people to romp on, but my spouse and I are both heavy people and it doesn't stop the feel of hard ground for our knees, so we don't actually use it much for having sex. We use it most for hanging out on our friends' lawn. They live in the country and we like to take it out to the back yard for star gazing, and toss it on the living room floor there for sleepovers. Great for playing board games on the lawn. Originally purchased the gearbag with it which tore on first use. Customer service replaced it, but the handle is just not up to the strain, so we just stopped taking it back home from my friends' house.



Does it's job, handy for leaving the bed!


The Escape makes it easy to "get out of bed". Our bed is quite soft, and sometimes makes some things challenging. Other furniture works, but sometimes you just want a big flat playground. When you put this on the floor it gives just enough cushion while maintaining a steady/sound surface for sexy-time events. It also grips other Liberator shapes well, while still being quite soft (same covering material as the rest of the Liberator shapes. I'd strongly recommend the matching gear bag. The best way to store this is to fold it into thirds, but you really need the bag to keep it manageable. Sexy-time aside, it could even be just a nice mat for laying on the floor for anything really! Just wash it between uses...



Bulky and hard to store


The quality of the product is second to none but you better have space to store this giant gym matt, it doesn't store well.

Chicago IL


Love it!


Its very comfortable and supportive. Goes great with using the Liberator Wedge. It is great for sex, helps us go longer without fatigue. We also us it for tent/cart camping, and it works great! So comfortable.




I wish it came in king size.


Love It!


What more can I say? It is as described. Came in a small box and "inflated" as I was pulling it out - kind of like a self-inflating life-raft. Was a good comedy scene.


Love it


we use it with all our shapes and when we watch movies but it turns into more then movie watching

Lemoore, California, US


4.6 22