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VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory

VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory
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  • Revolutionary Weighted-Rumble Technology — Experience unprecedented pleasure with the world's first Weighted-Rumble Wand - Vim by Fun Factory.
  • Rumbly Vibration at Every Speed — Enjoy deep and satisfying vibrations, from gentle to strong, for a wide range of pleasure possibilities.
  • Versatile Solo Play — Set Vim against a pillow and straddle it for ultimate solo indulgence; perfect for exploring different sensations.
  • Partner-Friendly Design — Enhance intimacy during couple play by using Vim to add thrilling vibrations to other toys or stimulate erogenous zones.
  • Sensational Customization —Easily adjust vibration intensity for a tailored experience that suits your desires.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation — Enjoy discreet pleasure with Vim's ultra-quiet motor, ensuring privacy during your most intimate moments.
  • Premium Design and Comfort — Vim's sleek aluminum control panel, easy-grip handle, and all-silicone head provide both style and comfort during play.

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Get Ready to Rumble!

Experience pleasure like never before with the revolutionary Fun Factory VIM, a game-changer in the world of pleasure toys. Unlike ordinary wands that deliver pure power without finesse, VIM features an industry-first weighted motor that offers rumbly vibrations at every speed, from gentle to strong. Prepare to be mesmerized by its unique sensations, as you indulge in a wide range of settings that cater to your every desire.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable vibrations traveling through the handle; VIM ensures that the vibration stays concentrated in the head, where you want it most. Its slightly flexible neck adds to the comfort, allowing you to enjoy pleasure in any position that suits you best. One of the standout features is its versatility during solo play. Simply set it against a pillow and straddle it, allowing you to dip and swivel your hips in any way that feels right, and don't forget to use lube for maximum comfort!

The Fun Factory VIM becomes an excellent companion when paired with other toys. You can hold it against the base of another dildo or butt plug, allowing its deep vibrations to travel even deeper inside you. And for couples, VIM takes doggy style to new heights by providing clitoral stimulation during intercourse, resulting in a spectacular blended orgasm. The wand isn’t limited to clitoral stimulation. It's ideal for people with prostates who enjoy indirect P-spot stimulation, and it can also be used for pleasuring the corona of the penis or caressing the balls during oral play.

VIM is not just any ordinary wand. Its advanced technology sets it apart, from the weighted motor to its whisper-quiet operation and customizable vibrations. The vibration settings are easy to adjust - just hold down the (+) or (-) buttons to find your perfect vibe. Its thudding vibrations provide a unique and deeper pleasure experience, with ultra-strong settings and programs that deliver intense stimulation. The lower settings feature a trembling vibration that's genuinely arousing, perfect for sensitive players who want a delightful experience without feeling overwhelmed. 

With VIM, there's no shortage of options. Choose from various pleasure programs, such as Deep Orgasm, a rumbly program that starts gently and builds up to the maximum setting, or Intense Orgasm, perfect for a blissful quickie. For a more adventurous experience, try Edging, which takes you on an intense journey of rising and falling sensations, reaching higher heights until you finally climax.

Say goodbye to loud and annoying toys; VIM is the quietest wand on the market, delivering maximum pleasure with minimal noise. Its elegant design includes a brushed aluminum control panel, a textured, easy-grip handle, and a wavy, all-silicone head that grips lube for your comfort. VIM's weight is concentrated in the head, amplifying vibrations where you want them, without causing fatigue in your hand.

Discover a new world of pleasure with the Fun Factory VIM - the ultimate weighted-rumble wand that redefines satisfaction and takes your pleasure to breathtaking new heights.

3 Ways To Use The VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory 3 Ways To Use The VIM Vibrating Wand by Fun Factory
VIM Vibrating Wand Features
More Information
BrandFun Factory
Length 2.4 in (head) and 12.3 in total length
Power SourceUSB Rechargeable
Vibration Strength5 speeds & 3 patterns
Water ResistantYes
Product TypeWand Massagers
4.00 1