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Pearl APP Controlled Magnetic Panty Vibrator by Honey Play Box

Pearl APP Controlled Magnetic Panty Vibrator by Honey Play Box
As low as $34.99
  • Elevate your night out with the discreet, powerful Pearl from Honey Play Box – a wearable panty vibrator.
  • Enjoy eight dynamic vibration modes and seamless app control for an unforgettable experience.
  • Designed for comfort and pleasure, the Pearl's ergonomic shape and body-safe silicone will melt into your curves.
  • Dance the night away worry-free, thanks to its secure magnetic clip that keeps it in place.
  • Let your lover take the reins from anywhere with personalized vibe patterns on the app.
  • From romantic dinners to movie nights and aquatic adventures, the Pearl promises pleasure on the go.

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Pearly Panty Vibes

Helena had been looking forward to this night out dancing for weeks. She and her lover rarely had time alone, and she had a special surprise planned for the evening. As she stood in front of her mirror, she smiled and mused about the thrilling possibilities.

She unpacked the Pearl from Honey Play Box, a wearable panty vibrator. The Pearl was a beautifully designed toy, small and discreet, with an elegant pearlescent finish.

But it wasn’t just any vibrator – it had eight powerful vibration modes, and it was app-controlled! 

The Pearl was ergonomically shaped to cup her body perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and pleasure. Made from body-safe silicone, it warmed next to her skin. The magnetic clip kept it securely in place within her panties, so she didn't have to worry about it slipping during her dance moves.

Helena couldn't wait to let her lover take control of the sensations using the app. They had already created some personalized vibe patterns on the app. Her pulse was pounding, thinking about how exciting tonight was going to be.

Helena and her lover had big plans for the Pearl. They wanted to use it for other naughty adventures. She imagined wearing it to a romantic dinner, feeling the subtle vibrations teasing her clit throughout the evening. The thought of going to the movies and secretly enjoying the pulsing vibrations made her blush with anticipation. And the possibilities were limitless – from the pool to the hot tub, they knew that their horny imaginations would lead them to new peaks of pleasure.

As Helena slipped the Pearl into her panties and got ready for their night out dancing, she couldn't help but feel electricity in the air. Tonight was going to be unforgettable, all thanks to the Pearl tucked away, buzzing faintly in time to the music.

Pearl Panty Vibrator by Honey Play Box Features Callout
1. Eight Mode: Diverse vibration options for personalized pleasure.
2. App-Control: Easy control and customization via the app.
3. Ergonomic Design: Maximum comfort and pleasure during use.
4. Body-Safe Silicone: Waterproof, skin-friendly materials for a safe experience.
5. Magnetic Clip: Reliable and secure placement for worry-free enjoyment
Pearl Panty Vibrator by Honey Play Box Features Callout
Pearl by Honey Play Box Features
Honey Play Box Dynamic App Features
More Information
SizeOne Size
Length3.14" x 2.16" x 1.41"
Noise Level (out of 5)≤50 DB
Power SourceLithium Ion Rechargeable
Vibration Strength9 Vibration Modes
Water ResistantYes