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Nina Vibrating Nipple Suckers by Honey Play Box

Nina Vibrating Nipple Suckers by Honey Play Box

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  • Sensational Suction – Experience the exquisite pleasure of Nina's snug and intense suction cups on your nipples.
  • Electrifying Vibrations – Nina's powerful vibrations will send waves of ecstasy through your breasts, teasing your desires to the brink.
  • 12 Patterns – Choose from a tempting array of 12 frequencies to cater to your unique cravings and desires.
  • Effortless Control – Navigate through Nina's vibe patterns easily using the convenient three-button remote control, allowing you to fine-tune your pleasure.
  • Waterproof Wonder – Take your passion to the pool, shower, or tub with Nina's waterproof design for aquatic adventures.
  • Always Ready – Nina is rechargeable, always ready to fulfill your desires whenever the mood strikes.

Naughty Nina

In the sultry haze of a languid evening, Nina emerges. These aren't just any nipple teasers – they take nipple play to breathtaking peaks of pleasure.

Nina, with her ample cups, cradles the curves of a bosom with snug, intense caresses. Softly yet firmly, suction encases your breast, creating exquisite tension. Nina doesn't just play – she seduces. Whether it's a solo escapade or partnered play, Nina is the key to unlocking a world of nipple-based pleasure. The textured suction cups generate powerful vibrations that awaken the senses, sending tingles through every inch of skin, making delicate nubs hyper-sensitive. Inside the cups, soft silicone bristles delicately tease your nipples, delivering a subtle yet satisfying sensation.

Nina’s powerful vibrations enhance blood flow and circulation within the breasts. This stimulation may contribute to secondary breast growth, increasing fullness and natural lift. With Nina, pleasure and self-care intertwine in an intimate dance of sensuality and wellness.

Boasting 12 distinct frequencies, Nina becomes a maestro of teasing and pleasing. Her seductive vibrations can lead to an unforgettable nipple-gasm. Control her exhilarating vibe patterns with a tiny, elegant, three-button remote. And when the mood strikes for wet and wild fun, Nina doesn't shy away. She's ready to jump in the pool, a steamy shower, or a relaxing tub – the waterproof design ensures that pleasure knows no boundaries. And because she’s rechargeable, Nina never leaves you wanting. 

Dare to embrace the irresistible allure of Nina. She beckons you into the intoxicating world of nipple play. Quite naughty and nice…

Nina Vibrating Nipple Suckers Features Callout
Body-Safe Silicone:  Silicone cups are body-safe, ensuring a secure, lifelike experience.
Vibrational Patterns: 12 pulsation modes allow you to explore different sensations.
USB Magnetic Charger: USB rechargeable for convenience and eco-friendliness, eliminating the need for batteries.
Three-Button Remote: Includes a three-button remote control to navigate vibration patterns easily.
Waterproof Design: Completely waterproof, making it suitable for wet environments like the shower or bathtub.
Small and Discreet: Compact design and quiet operation make it discreet and travel-friendly.
More Information
SizeOne Size
MaterialSilicone & ABS Plastic
Length3.34'' × 3.34'' × 2.04''
Noise Level (out of 5)≤ 50 DB
Power SourceLi-ion Rechargeable
Vibration Strength12 Vibration Modes
Water ResistantYes
2.70 3