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Izzy by Vedo

Izzy by Vedo
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  • Indulge in discreet pleasure with the Izzy Rechargeable Lay-On Vibe by VēDO.
  • Its sleek, compact design fits comfortably in your hand for precision pleasure.
  • Experience 10 powerful vibration modes to match your every desire.
  • Compatible with both water-based and hybrid lubricants for heightened sensations.
  • Vibes are near-silent for your privacy and discretion.
  • Fully waterproof for thrilling aquatic adventures.
  • Achieve complete orgasmic satisfaction.
  • Ready to bring intense, intimate pleasure whenever you desire it.

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Incredibly Intense Izzy

In a softly lit bedroom, Trina lounged on her plush, satin-clad bed. Sultry jazz music played faintly in the background. The room was infused with the subtle aroma of lavender and vanilla, setting the stage for a night of self-love. 

Trina had just returned from a long day at work, and she needed a release. Her hand glided over to the nightstand, where she pulled out the Izzy Rechargeable Lay-On Vibe by VēDO – a sleek, elegant clitoral vibrator.

As she held it in her hand, the vibrator's smooth, silky silicone responded to her warmth. Its flexible body and delicate nub tip promised precise clitoral pleasure, all in a compact design that fits comfortably in her palm. She appreciated its discreet size and how it buzzed quietly.  It was fully waterproof, so Trina knew she could also enjoy it in the bath later.

Trina had tried her fair share of vibrators, but the Izzy was her absolute favorite. With ten powerful, rumbly vibration modes, it offered a range of sensations to suit her mood. She could always find the perfect intensity to fulfill her desires. She reached for her favorite water-based lubricant from the drawer. The Izzy was compatible with both hybrid and water-based lubes. A small amount on the nub tip amped up her anticipation.

With a single button press, the Izzy came to life with a subtle hum. Trina traced the nub tip along her inner thighs, teasing herself as she reached her most sensitive areas. The vibrations sent shivers of pleasure through her, leaving her gasping with delight. Trina explored the different vibration modes, each offering a unique sensation. She found a rhythm that suited her desires, laid on top of it, grinding it into her clit, and surrendered to the pleasure building within her.

The room filled with the soft sounds of her moans and the gentle buzz of the Izzy. As Trina reached the height of her pleasure, a whirlwind of sensations peaked, and her body quivered with ecstasy. The Izzy delivered the perfect climax – leaving her completely spent and dizzyingly satisfied.

With a dreamy, contented smile, she turned Izzy off and returned it to her nightstand – another night well spent.

Izzy Rechargeable Lay On Vibrator by Vedo Features Callout
1. Powerfully Intense: Thrilling sensations with a robust motor.
2. Versatile Modes: 10 options for personalized pleasure.
3. Single-button Control: Effortless simplicity.
4. Whisper-Quiet: Enjoy discreet, noiseless pleasure.
5. Secure Travel: Peace of mind with the travel lock.
More Information
SizeOne Size
Power SourceUSB Rechargeable (Included)
Vibration Strength10 powerful vibration modes
Water ResistantYes
Width/Diameter1.18"W x 3.74"L