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Hugo 2 with Remote by LELO

Hugo 2 with Remote by LELO
As low as $219.00
  • Irresistible Pleasure: Experience the irresistible allure of the LELO Hugo 2, a masterful, remote-controlled prostate massager.
  • Dynamic Bliss: Discover the enigmatic pleasure that awaits within its sensual, body-safe silicone contours.
  • Enigmatic Play: Immerse yourself in fantasies, whether you're a daring solo explorer or a passionate couple.
  • Electrifying Symphony: Experience the symphony of pleasure as dual motors ignite, sending electrifying vibes to your prostate and perineum.
  • Intuitive Control: SenseMotion™ technology allows you to intensify sensations by tilting or moving the remote.

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A Passport to Prostate Pleasure…and More

John's friend had whispered tantalizing tales of the LELO Hugo 2, and his burning curiosity finally overwhelmed him. Succumbing to temptation, he discreetly ordered the remote-controlled prostate massager online, eager to unwrap the enigmatic pleasure that awaited.

When the package arrived, a shiver of anticipation ran down his spine as he uncovered the sleek, modern device within. The LELO Hugo 2 was a seductive masterpiece, its streamlined silhouette evoking desires he never knew he had. His fingers tingled as they caressed the body-safe silicone, its sensual softness a promise of the pleasures it held within.

As he immersed himself in the product's description once more, his imagination danced with fantasies. It beckoned to adventurous souls, whether daring solo explorers or passionate couples, promising sensations that bordered on the divine.

John surrendered to the anticipation, ensuring the device was fully charged to indulge in the impending ecstasy. With careful reverence, he coated it in a slick, silicone lubricant, setting the stage for a sensuous encounter.

With a deep, sultry breath, he gently inserted the prostate massager, the ergonomic design embracing his form like a lover's embrace. Waves of desire washed over him as the dual motors ignited, awakening his perineum and prostate in an intoxicating duet of pleasure. Each sensation was a symphony, and he couldn't stifle the moans that escaped his parted lips.

The remote control beckoned him, a sensuous companion in his quest for pleasure. He caressed it with an intimacy that made his heart race, discovering the allure of SenseMotion™ technology. His curiosity compelled him to tilt and sway the remote, controlling the vibrations like a skilled lover. The tempo quickened, mirroring the rhythm of his desire, creating a harmonious crescendo of pleasure that left him trembling.

John surrendered to the intoxicating dance, a slave to his desires. The Hugo 2 surpassed his wildest dreams, propelling him towards an exquisite climax. With a final, daring motion of the remote, he soared to a peak of passion that left him gasping for air, utterly and blissfully spent.

Lying there, savoring the aftermath, a satisfied smile graced his lips. The LELO Hugo 2 had unveiled a world of ecstasy beyond imagination, and he knew he was destined to relive this enchanting journey again and again. John thought he’d share it with his girlfriend, too. 

Hugo 2 with remote by LELO Features Callout
1. Tailored to All Bodies: The revamped HUGO™ 2 design ensures a comfortable fit for every anatomy and pleasure without limitations.
2. Intense Pleasures: Unleash the potential for more intense, satisfying orgasms with 8 vibration settings. 
3. Extended Sensual Play: HUGO™ 2 Remote boasts a prolonged battery life, allowing you to explore your desires without interruption.
4. Marvelous SenseMotion™: Tilt or move the remote, and feel the vibes intensify in sync with your movements. 
5. Dual Motors: HUGO™ 2 features two synchronized vibrating motors, delivering sensations inside and out.
More Information
SizeOne Size
LengthLength: 4.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 inches, Insertable length: 2.8 inches
Water ResistantYes
4.90 22