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Leather Finger Flogger by Dragontailz

As low as $85.00
  • Dominate with finesse — the Leather Finger Flogger by Dragontailz puts control at your fingertips.
  • Italian leather luxury — a seductive touch that sets the scene for intense pleasure.
  • Swing longer, play stronger — thanks to our pressure-relieving finger handle design.
  • Unleash tantalizing thuds — 24” tails that ignite desires like never before.
  • Embrace the allure of impact play — ignite passion and surrender to the sensations.

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Whip, Tease, Repeat!


Unleash your inner dominatrix with the Leather Finger Flogger by Dragontailz, the ultimate weapon for exhilarating impact play! This sleek, easy-to-use finger flogger puts the power in your hands, giving you better control and unmatched mobility to deliver tantalizing swats like never before.


No more sore arms or limited swings; our innovative finger handle design lets you wield this fancy flogger with effortless finesse. Crafted from exquisite Italian leather, this 24” tail flogger not only looks luxurious but also ensures an intense, thuddy action that will leave your submissive begging for more. 


Elevate your power dynamics and embrace the art of pleasure and pain with the Leather Finger Flogger by Dragontailz – your essential tool for unforgettable nights of desire and domination. Let the games begin!

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Length24" (Tails)
Water ResistantNo
Product TypeWhips & Teasers
5.00 2