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Clutch Dual Stim Rabbit Vibrator by Unbound

Clutch Dual Stim Rabbit Vibrator by Unbound
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  • Reach for pleasure with the Clutch, a luxurious dual stim rabbit vibe from Unbound.
  • Experience a mind-blowing combination of thrusting and vibrations for an all-encompassing sensation.
  • Reach new heights of pleasure as it hits your G-spot while stimulating your clitoris simultaneously.
  • Explore 7 speeds and 5 patterns with the powerful external motor.
  • Delve the depths of passion with 5 thrusting speeds and 5 patterns from the internal arm.
  • Take control with two separate buttons, allowing you to customize your pleasure journey.
  • Enjoy your Clutch in the pool, shower, or hot tub for submersible water play.

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A Carnal Clutch

As the sun began to set, casting a warm orange glow across the backyard, Lindsay and Scott found themselves reclining on a comfortable, oversized lounge chair. Their eyes met, and she winked at him. She held the Clutch in her hands, a dual stim rabbit vibe from Unbound. Scott’s eyes widened as a Cheshire cat grin flashed across his face.

Lindsay suggested they take their intimate rendezvous outdoors, taking advantage of their secluded backyard pool and the perfect summer evening. The thought of the cool water against their skin only added to the anticipation.

With a sultry smile, Lindsay handed him the Clutch. The curved handle was easy to grip in his firm grasp. The sun-kissed skin of her bare shoulders begged for his touch, and he obliged, tracing a path of anticipation with his fingers as he switched on the dual-stimulating motors.

Scott powered up the long arm of the Clutch – the rumbly thrusting mechanism held the promise of deep G-spot sensations. He leaned in, whispering all the things he planned to do with the toy. Lindsay's grip on his shoulder tightened as the thrusting action began, delivering waves of pleasure deep within her. With five speeds and patterns, he amped up the vibes till she was shaking.

Adding more fuel to the fire, he turned on the short external arm. It buzzed with energy through the seven speeds and five patterns. He took his time, watching as Lindsay's eyes filled with pleasure, her breath hitching with each new pulse. Her soft gasps encouraged him to experiment.

Two separate buttons allowed Scott to control each function independently – he relished having control over her pleasure game. With an expert touch, he synchronized the vibrations and thrusting, sending Lindsay crashing into waves of orgasmic bliss.

The setting sun, the gentle hum of cicadas, and the backdrop of the pool, with its gentle ripples and the occasional splash of water, added a sensual element to their wildly passionate tryst. The Clutch was submersible, and they had taken full advantage of its capabilities.

With the night still young, they knew that the Clutch had more to offer, and they continued their erotic exploration.

Clutch by Unbound Features Callout
1. Body-Safe Silicone: The body-safe silicone warms to the touch, feels silky smooth, and ensures a comfortable experience.
2. Ergonomic Grip: Enjoy user-friendly, pinpoint control and a comfortable grip with our ergonomic design.
3. Charger Included: Conveniently charge your device for pleasure within reach.
4. Solo or Couples: The versatile design caters to your desires and enhances your connection.
5. Powerful Dual Motors: Powerful dual motors deliver internal and external sensations.
6. Thrusting: The thrusting feature provides a lifelike G-Spot experience.
7. Vibrating: Customizable vibrations offer a wide range of sensations to find the perfect pleasure rhythm.
8. Waterproof: This waterproof toy is fully submersible for aquatic adventures.
How Clutch Works Gif: External Vibrations and Internal Thrusting
With its unique internal electromagnet system, Clutch provides intense, friction-free thrusting action, ensuring uninterrupted dual stimulation. Say goodbye to noisy, jangling vibes that disrupt body contact—Clutch offers a smooth, targeted experience that maximizes pleasure both inside and out.
More Information
Length7.5” L x 4” W
Power SourceRechargeable: USB charger included
Vibration StrengthExternal Arm: offers 7 intensity settings and 5 pattern settings for a total of 12 settings; Internal Arm: supports 5 intensity settings and 5 pattern settings for a total of 10 settings. Combined: Clutch offers 120 different setting combinations in
Water ResistantYes