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Center Stage Convertible Ottoman

Center Stage Convertible Ottoman
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  • An elegant ottoman by day, but by night? A sumptuous sanctuary for intimate moments.
  • Cleverly designed pockets stow away remote controls, books, phones, sex toys, lubes, etc. 
  • Ideal for homes with unforgiving floors, the Center Stage unfolds as a soft platform for your most intimate explorations.
  • Augment your experience with other sexual positioning products, ensuring a night to remember.
  • Its sophisticated design is a beautiful piece in your home, its delicious secret known only to those you choose.
  • Crafted from materials that are as durable as they are delectable, ensuring the perfect blend of form and function.

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Unfold the Secrets of Your Living Room: From Lazy Days to Luscious Nights.

Unwind in your living space with the sophistication of the Center Stage Convertible Ottoman, your stylish companion for lazy afternoons and luscious evenings. By day, this elegant piece offers a chic spot to rest your feet, with cleverly concealed pockets perfect for stashing away remote controls, books, and phones. But as dusk approaches, let the ottoman reveal its sumptuous secret. Unfold it into a luxurious mat, tailor-made for homes with the coldest and hardest floors, ensuring every intimate moment is comfortably cushioned. And for those nights when you seek an extra spark, the Center Stage is designed to seamlessly complement other sexual positioning products. Moreover, its refined aesthetic ensures it blends beautifully in any room, its sensual secret known only to those you let in on the whisper. Durable, delectable, and discreet, this ottoman promises to be the centerpiece of your most unforgettable nights.

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FoamPolyurethane Foam
DimensionsFolded - 24x24x12 Unfolded - 72x24x4
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