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Boundless Trio Pleasure Wheel by CalExotics

Boundless Trio Pleasure Wheel by CalExotics

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  • Sensory Bliss: Ignite your senses with the Boundless™ Trio Pleasure Wheel, a kink masterpiece by CalExotics.
  • Spiky Delights: Three rolling pinwheels adorned with 22 tiny, sharp teeth create a tantalizing blend of sensations.
  • Tingly Caresses: Glide the wheel delicately, savoring the sensation of countless teeth nipping at your skin.
  • Memorable Marks: Apply extra pressure for a lasting impression.
  • Premium Material: Precision-crafted from heavy-duty, nickel-free zinc, it's both stunning and tarnish-resistant.

Let Desire Roll 

Experience thrilling sensory delights with the Boundless™ Trio Pleasure Wheel, straight from the masterminds of kink, CalExotics. This pleasure tool promises to take your breath away.

The Boundless™ Trio Pleasure Wheel is designed to provide sensations that are a touch gentler compared to more advanced BDSM implements. It fits securely and sensually into your hands or those of your adventurous lover.

This pleasure wheel has three rolling pinwheels each adorned with 22 tiny, sharp teeth that deliver a tantalizing blend of prickly, tingly fun. Glide the wheel delicately over your skin, or that of your partner, and savor the sensation of countless teeth igniting your senses. Need an extra edge? Simply apply a bit more pressure to leave a memorable mark.

Crafted with precision from heavy-duty, nickel-free zinc, the pleasure wheel looks great and it’s resistant to tarnishing. Keeping it pristine is a breeze – just a quick clean with some warm, soapy water, and it's ready for your next adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned erotic explorer or just beginning to discover sensory play, this naughty implement promises unforgettable moments of ecstasy and intimacy. Let desire roll freely with the Boundless™ Trio Pleasure Wheel!

Boundless™ Trio Pleasure Wheel Features Callout
Triple Sensation: Three pinwheels with 22 teeth each deliver intense pleasure and varied sensations for maximum enjoyment.
User-Friendly: Designed for easy use, making it accessible and enjoyable for all experience levels.
Built to Last: Crafted from heavy-duty materials, ensuring durability and longevity for countless adventures.
Tarnish-Resistant: Nickel-free design guarantees that your pleasure wheel will remain pristine, free from unsightly tarnishing.
Peace of Mind: Enjoy worry-free pleasure with a generous 1-year warranty, covering your investment and ensuring satisfaction.
More Information
SizeOne Size
MaterialNickel-free Metal
BrandCal Exotics
Length7.25” x 1” Overall
Water ResistantNo
Width/Diameter1.25” Pinwheel Diameter