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18" Bull Hide Flogger by Unique

18" Bull Hide Flogger by Unique
Customize 18" Bull Hide Flogger by Unique
18" Bull Flogger   + $135.00

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Model using 18" Bull Hide Flogger by Unique
18" Bull Hide Flogger by Unique

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    • You must choose a handle if you do not already have one
    • Surrender to dark desires with the Unique Flogger Collection for custom BDSM thrills.
    • Command the scene with a sturdy rubber-covered handle, or finesse your strokes with the nimble finger grip.
    • Seamlessly swap handles and grips with a simple click to attach or push a button to release.*
    • Experience power and precision combined with our green Bull flogger, boasting 35 flails of dense bull hide for intense impact play.

    *Handle sold separately. Compatible with all Unique Floggers. 

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    Introducing the Unique Flogger Collection where custom BDSM experiences are just a click away. Choose between the sturdy rubber-covered handle for commanding control or the nimble finger grip for precise impact. Simply click your preferred handle into place or release the locking mechanism with a push of the silver button. 

    Our Bison, deer, and bull hide floggers offer distinct, richly textured sensations, from teasing licks to thuddy strikes, ensuring there's something for every preference. Each flogger is interchangeable with the handle and the grip. 

    For those who crave a balance between power and precision, our Bull flogger delivers with 35 narrow flails of moderately thick bull hide. Each strike resonates with a satisfying thud, offering a journey into deeper impact play. Let passion guide your hand and run wild with the Unique Flogger Collection. 

    Bull Hide Flogger Features Callout
    Real Bull Leather
Substantial Weight
Snap-click End
Push Button Release

Pain Meter:  Level 5 - Moderate.
    More Information
    SizeOne Size
    MaterialBullhide Leather
    Length18” Flails / Handle 7 11/16” / Finger Grip 6 ⅜” / Overall with Handle 26” Overall with Finger Grip 25”
    Water ResistantNo