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Fleshlight On a Mission

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For your wildest missionary fantasies.

If you enjoy sex in the missionary position, On A Mission is for you. Made with firm, supportive foam, the On a Mission puts your Fleshlight at the perfect angle for the most stimulation. It can also be held up against a wall to simulate standing sex, or use it as a foundation for your torso during oral or from-behind positioning. 

  • Fleshlight mount designed to be used in a missionary position.
  • Sturdy shape and perfectly placed slot for your favorite Fleshlight.  
  • Gives you a pleasurable feeling of being on top of your partner.                
  • Doubles as a base for providing head or from-behind positions.   
  • Made with luxurious faux leather.
  • Wipes down effortlessly with soap and water.
  • Fleshlight not included.

Measurement in inches: 27L x 9W x 10H

SKU 845628060148
Size One Size
Brand Liberator
Material Pleather
Cover Machine-washable pleather
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 27 x 9 x 10
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Questions on Fleshlight On a Mission

  • From Politely Decline at 6/10/13 5:59 PM
    • I was wondering if other plastic cased sleeves would work in this mount, such as the Tenga Flip Hole.
    • yes they do! I wouldn't recommend the Flip hole, but it will work-it will just be difficult to control the suction from the 3 tabs on the outside of the items. The cups work well too.
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Customer Reviews


by Big Stick on November 22, 2013

I bought the Fleshlight on A Mission and wondered if I was going to be disappointed and wasting my money trying to figure out another more interesting way to get off. THIS IS AMAZING. I tried it the first time and put the Fleshlight I'd bought previously into the space provided. (I hadn't used the fleshlight in a very long time as I thought the results were just OK. But not now. I "plugged in" and wow. It was a new experience at the start, but pretty soon--like a duck to water...I was pumping away as I watched a little porn on my tablet. It really didn't take too long before I felt that familiar feeling..but I was getting the thrusting in that made me feel like it was the real thing. Totally satisfied and amazed at how GOOD it was. So good, I did a repeat performance in the AM. Same great results--if not better-- as I am mastering the use and how to really get into it. I would highly recommend this as a great investment.

Just an outstanding male masturbation product

by Bogey1 on December 9, 2010

OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING, just an amazing product. If you like to spice up your sex life, well this is worth all that you pay for it. My wife just loves to watch and get involved with the act of male thrusting. She has several vibs and now I have a quality item for joint masturbation. Her orgasams have been real hot! This product is great quality and is ready for all of the thrusting you want to give it. I have had the product for one week and I have been on it every day. The different thrusting postions keeps the male penis very erect.

Changes Our Sex Life!

by Miss Kay on October 24, 2010

Impressed, Impressed, Impressed! That's the easiest way to describe my feelings towards the On a Mission Mount. We own the Top Dog Fleshlight Mount as well, and while the Top Dog mount works, the On a Mission mount well exceeds my expectations. The boyfriend really enjoys the missionary position while I really enjoy the sexual act of watching a man's hips in a thrusting motion. Truly, this was a match made in heaven for us. The On a Mission puts the Fleshlight at the perfect angle for him to slightly rub up against the side of the Fleshlight for extra stimulation while the strong Liberator foam means that he can easily rest his body weight on the On a Mission without any adverse effects. (The foam doesn't even compact under his weight!) It can be placed and held up against a wall to simulate standing sex, and while it really can't do much in terms of positions, it still makes it amazingly easy to use your Fleshlight in a missionary position. It's easy to clean with a damp washcloth, relatively easily to shove under a bed, and comes with a storage bag that makes it easy to travel and store. If you pick out any of the Fleshlight Mounts, this one has easily become my favorite.

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