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Experience sleek power.

A contemporary styled sex lounger that's even easier to straddle than our traditional Esse, the Esse Chaise features a longer, lower body. It provides all of the access, angles, and possibilities of the Esse with a sleek, modern design. With the lower profile, those with shorter legs can more easily use the floor for thrusting power while being supported by the chaise. Your head, neck, and back will be cradled in almost any position you can think of, while the added height and ergonomic slopes provide the deepest penetration possible. During the day it doubles as a contemporary lounger, ideal for napping, getting a massage, or reading. Integrate the Flip Stage beneath the Esse Chaise and lift your partner by 8 additional inches. 

The headrest is included, and can work at either end of the Esse Chaise for raising up knees or adding 5” of height for standing/bending over positions.  

 Delivered vacuum compressed - get details about oureco-friendly packaging andproduct setup tips.

*Flip Stage sold separately.

Additional Information

SKU 10884
Brand Liberator
Material Multi-Fabric
Fabric Details

Faux Leather - Soft, breathable 100% nylon

Velvish - plush faux velvet cover (in décor colors) – 100% polyester

Cover Machine-washable faux leather or velvish
Liner Polyester
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 68 x 22 x 22
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Questions on Esse Chaise

  • From Mary Sue at 2/10/2013 11:24 PM
    • What is the weight limit on this item? Would it realistically be able to support a 400lb person and a 200 lb person at the same time, or would the foam bend/collapse in the middle?
    • Dear Customer,
      Thank you for the question. Our foam is a High-grade Polyurethane foam tested for 4 hours each night of use, with a life of 14 years. We definately make the product to hold this amount weight. Hope this helps!
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  • From June at 2/12/2013 9:35 PM
    • Im interested in the Esse chaise but I cant find the color the models are using on the last shot of the top row of pictures. I like the faux leather ( it appears to be tan or brown). I was going to order but I wanted to verify the color first because its a perfect match to the colors in the room its going in. Thank you.
    • Dear Customer,
      Thank you for the question. Unfortunatly we no longer carry that color faux leather-the manufacturer has discontinued it. We now carry it in the Velvish Espresso which is a very deep beautiful brown, as well as the buckwheat-which is a lighter beige. I appologize for the picture, but we no longer carry that specific fabric. Hope this helps your decision.
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  • From Cheryl at 3/17/2013 11:52 AM
    • Does the Esse Chaise have a removable cover?
    • All the covers are removable, but only the Velvish is machine washable, the faux leather is the only wipe clean fabric.
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  • From Jose at 4/3/2013 11:31 AM
    • I am 6'3" and my wife is 5'0". We are looking at the Esse and the Esse Chaise. Would you recommend one over the other for or height difference?
    • Dear Customer,

      Great Question!

      The Esse is 64" x 24" x 24" while the Esse Chaise is 68" x 22" x 22". The Esse Chaise is a narrower design that makes straddling positions for a petite partner much easier and because it sits a little lower to the ground it allows the petite top partner sturdier foot leverage.

      Based on your height and your wives I think the Esse Chaise would provide more comfort and additional sexual positions to explore.
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  • From Rose at 4/13/2013 8:54 AM
    • Do you sell a stage for the Esse Chaise ?
    • The Esse Chaise was designed to accommodate a woman with a shorter inseam, so unfortunatly there is no stage option. You can acquire more lift by using the headrest that comes with the Esse Chaise.
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  • From sharon at 5/4/2013 12:23 PM
    • is there a possibility of having an additional cover...example leather like for private use and fabric for every day?
    • definately, you will need to call customer service to get any extra covers that are not available on the site. Our Customer Service hours are M-F 9-7 pm EST, and Sat 12-5 pm EST.
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  • From Mike at 5/12/2013 6:29 PM
    • Is there a black label conversion kit for the Esse chaise? I didn't see one, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

      Would the conversion kit for the regular Esse fit the chaise version? I know the dimensions aren't quite the same, but thought there might be enough give in the fabric to stretch it over.

    • There is not a conversion kit for the CHAISE. If you would like the black label cover-you would need to call customer service to order that item-all cuffs for the item can be purcahse online however. The two are NOT interchangeable.
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  • From Laura at 5/18/2013 10:18 AM
    • What are the washing instructions for the Velvish cover?
    • Cold water Machine washable like the microfiber fabric. The only material that is not washable is the "wet" fabric.
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  • From Question at 8/6/2013 10:11 PM
    • Hi, can you please tell me weight and dimensions of the package for shipping purposes? Thank you
    • Dear Customer,
      The dimensions of the shipping box is 38 x 20 x 18 and it is 37.05 lbs.
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  • From Cheryl at 8/25/2013 4:20 PM
    • Is the inside depth of the esse the same as the esse chaise? The esse looks deeper and if so why the difference?
    • The dips are entirely different, please take a look at the dimensions this will give you the best idea of where they differ. These are two different designs, the Esse was designed with the mini scoop in the middle, and this is why the dip is more intense-it allows a partner to grind on the other partners pelvic bone. The Esse Chaise was designed with no need for a mini scoop, therefore the person can be laid out more, and/or use the headrest under the butt to accomplish extra lift height.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Jleigh at 11/27/2013 9:13 PM
    • I weigh 225 lbs. I have some reservations on how a 37lb piece of furniture will support my weight during sex. Can you help me understand this?
    • This foam furniture piece weighing 37 lbs has a density that can hold upwards of 600 lbs. We made furniture to withstand use for bedroom scenarios. If you order the item, and get it home-take it for a dry run (clothes on, position guide open to your favorites) try them out, we know you will feel the quality and closeness it can bring to your bedroom.
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  • From carmine scaglione at 12/10/2013 9:36 AM
    • Is there a DVD or book on all the different positions for the Esse Chaise
    • The videos under the main picture and our digital position guide: are the main resources position ideas.
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  • From Tim Miller at 2/5/2014 3:19 PM
    • Can you order just the washable cover that is removeable to put in the washer.
    • Yes, however it is not listed on the website. Please contact Customer Service Monday - Friday 9am -7pm EST and Saturday - 12pm- 5pm EST at 1-866-542-7283 for more information.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Riley at 6/29/2014 6:30 PM
    • Are you able to buy different covers I fear my cats might think this is a scratching post.
      like If I got any of them could I change the covers or am I stuck with the one cover.
    • Hello,
      It is in fact possible to buy additional covers for the Esse Chaise. Simply call customer service to get colors, pricing, and availability at 1-866-542-7283
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No
  • From Tara at 11/8/2014 11:42 AM
    • What is the height at the lowest point of the Esse and Esse Chaise?
    • Hello,
      Both products are 8 inches high at their lowest points.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes  No

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Esse Chaise

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  • Longer, narrower body and lower height allowing greater freedom of movement and ease for straddling. Perfect for those with shorter legs.
  • Provides full body support to provide and improve leverage for thrusting power.
  • Variety of positions available through stretching out, straddling or sitting atop.
  • Headrest included for additional height and comfort.
  • Modern design makes the chaise inconspicuous.
  • Available in an assortment of subtle colors and fabrics that complement any decor.
  • Cover is removable and washable.
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.
  • Measurement in inches: 68L x 22W x 22H
  • Every piece of American-made Liberator furniture undergoes a strenuous quality check before leaving our facility.
    In order reduce our carbon footprint we developed a revolutionary vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from Shapes without compromising the integrity of the product.
    All packages are shipped in nondescript brown boxes or standard issue boxes from UPS or USPS. The return address on the label is listed as “Fulfillment Center” and there is no indication of the contents of the package.
    Liberator products are backed by our industry-leading Iron Clad Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, we will issue a refund, exchange or replace the unused product within 30 days of purchase.
    Liberator offers free shipping on every order over $75.

    Customer Reviews

    Worth every penny!

    by Dennis on July 2, 2015

    We bought this because my wife is on the shorter side. She is 5'4" and the size is perfect for us. We have always had great sex but this has made it even better. The angles that you can create are amazing! WARNING though for the "well hung" crowd this chair can make it easy for really deep penetration so be careful. My wife normally has multiple orgasms but now it is like she can't stop having them! The angles and the height make it a nice platform for oral for both him and her. 100% recommend!


    by Jeffrey on May 8, 2015

    had the original esse, but for short people the chaise works much much better. just wish it had the scoop like the original did. and my chaise was bought before the headrest came with the purchase. bummer. you should still get one thou. by far the best investmet in a great sex life. fun to see the eyes of women when you show them what it is for !!!

    Love this thing.

    by AL on February 17, 2015

    I've never had this much fun with furniture before. It's crazy because you can do so many different positions. It's a lot more freeing than on a bed. I got the black pleather and it is really smooth. My mother has seen it and she had no idea it was sex furniture too! Definitely great if you want to spice things up.

    Great chair, great fun!

    by JMH on April 20, 2014

    We got this as a way to see if this kind of furniture really enhances sexy times, compared to the couple-thousands a similar chair costs. We absolutely love it, so many more ways to enjoy positions we know, plus more that are just not really possible without it. While the marketing for it is a bit over the top with the positions they show, it absolutely makes sexy times WAY more fun, more comfortable, and gives us more ways to connect. It's also great for those that have injuries like knee, ankle, or back problems. I had a severe sprain on my ankle and could not be on top or behind, but with this, I was able to go wherever I wanted. Highly recommended!

    WOW--you will love this one

    by OB on April 2, 2014

    My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary with an afternoon at the Sybaris in the Chicagoland area and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Esse Chaise when we walked our room. I recognized it immediately as did my better half and we had to try it out right away. I can say, once again, Liberator has done it well! We love our Ramp/Wedge combo, whirl, and Lovearts shapes, and if we had the room in our Master we would definitely be getting one of these--my husband even suggested removing our dresser to make the room after trying it out. The angles are amazing, and it was quite sturdy. I can only say that so far every Liberator shape we have tried or purchased has been AMAZING--including this one. It's quite large, but if you have the room, go for it; you won't be sorry. We may be making the room soon;)

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