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Men have been chasing tail since time immemorial. Conquering and exploring unknown territory is an integral part of the male DNA. Like modern day conquistadors, we proudly plant a flag of conquest after occupying anal sex from your girlfrienda woman’s rear end. But when it comes to exploring our own asses, homophobic stigma can stop you in your tracks. Why is it that straight guys have no issue playing around with a woman’s ass, but then are afraid of probing their own?

Let’s look at this way. It feels really fucking good. Your ass can be like a new playground adventure, and messing around with your butt takes many forms. All that is required from you is giving it a chance. In the end, your sexual orientation is far less important than your awareness and recognition that these buried treasures are yours for the taking. And what better way than to get your girl involved. Ten times more exciting—as long as she’s into it too. Let’s take this step by step, shall we?

Here is my Guide for How to get F*cked in the Ass by your Girlfriend

anal sex from your girlfriendSo, Honey, I Had This Idea…

It starts just as simple as that. Odds are if she’s been taking it from you for a while, she’ll be more than happy to give back. She’ll probably be extra gentle, too. After all, she knows first hand how it feels. If you guys have not had anal sex yet, then maybe it will even open up the possibilities more. Tit for tat, or dick for dildo in this case.

If she’s squeamish about getting a little chocolate sauce on her hands, then she can wear gloves or a condom on her fingers. Also, if you want to make sure you’re squeaky clean down there, have an enema beforehand to make sure there no unpleasant surprises. And for fuck’s sake: Take a shower.

High Five for Fingers

anal sex from your girlfriendThere are so many ways to get into your backyard. It’s obvious you should start slow. You might be able to go further when it’s your own hand in charge, but that would be nearly as fun. Just relax and trust your partner. Tell her exactly where it feels good so she can hit your P-spot. She only has to go in a couple of inches to hit it, so with plenty of lube, you should have smooth sailing.

Whether you’re flying solo or with a co-captain, adding finger toys to the mix can take this digital delight to another level. The Oxballs Finger Fuck Glove is like having a Swiss Army Knife for your ass. Each digit has a different implement, giving you the freedom to enjoy all kinds of sensations.

ATM: Not Where You Get Money Out

Your anus is surrounded by a bunch of nerve endings that can ache with pleasure while being licked. This whole operation is going to go a lot smoother if she’s not feeling like she’s got her nose stuck up where the sun don’t shine. Prop your pelvis up on an Arche Wedge and take a deep breath. If you are laying on your back, pull your knees up to your chest and your partner access to that delicate starfish. She can spread your cheeks open and let her tongue lap around your salad bowl without having to bend down to an awkward level. If you lay on your stomach, the notch at the top of the Arche Wedge lets your junk hang down for a reach around without the ‘around.’

If someone licking your asshole makes you squeamish, then the b-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug is going to be your buddy. The rotating beads in the stem can feel just as amazeballs and leaves your hands free for better uses.

Instructions Unclear. Dick in Ceiling Fan.

anal sex from your girlfriendA stimulated prostate orgasm is like no other orgasm on the planet. If you have not had one yet, then you need to get on it! Clock’s ticking! So if you are not ready to invite your girlfriend along, then you can still hit your P-spot with a toy. After experiencing one, I bet you won’t hesitate to invite your girl along for the ride. They are a lot easier to use than you might think.

I recommend the Aneros Helix Syn if you’re just starting out. This toy slides right in and locks into place so you don’t have to mess with it while you jerk off or have sex. The shape is designed for adding slight pressure against your prostate. If you want a more robust experience, the LELO Hugo is a badass vibe. The bulbous end and semi-hooked shape will rock your world. You don’t need a ton of movement or the ol’ in-and-out. Just lube up and insert. Then let the toy do all the work.

Revenge of the Girlfriends

Let’s face it. A woman in charge is hot. And seeing your beautiful sweetheart strapping on a dildo to take your ass can be a mix of super sexy and decidedly terrifying. More and more dudes are getting into pegging because of how it feels though. And I imagine women are enjoying the hell out of it too. There are a couple of ways you can enjoy pegging, and all of them involve you relaxing and taking it. This is where the Ramp is really going to assist in anal sex from your girlfriendmaking you feel comfortable. In doggie, where she comes from behind, let it support your whole body and take the pressure off your arms and knees. Tensing up is going to make it hurt and ruin the fun. If that position is too tough, try laying on your back and she enters via semi-missionary.

A harness will be necessary for her, and a dildo that fits your preferences. I like the Valkyrie Harnesses because they don’t make her look like a football player, and I recommend starting with a little dildo like the Tantus Ripple. Depending on your girl, you can also try an insertable-on: a dildo that she holds in place with her kegel muscles. This is obviously a bit harder to control so it might be something to work up to, but it’ll give her the power to feel what she’s doing to you.

Pegging is a slow process that requires communicating with your partner. Go ahead, take a couple of deep breaths, and enjoy the ride.

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