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Erotic Workshop Schedule


Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear Workshops:

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G-spots & P-Spots: Exploring Your Pleasure Potential

Revitalize your sex life and discover a whole new realm of sexual pleasure with the G-spots & P-spots erotic workshop. This one-hour course is designed to help you uncover and discover your personal pleasure zones along with insightful facts on squirting. Also, you’ll learn more about preparing for anal sex and selecting the right sex toy for your body type or occasion. Hosted by Liberator Bedroom Adventure, this must-attend erotic workshop provides a sex-positive environment for couples who want to enhance their sexual wellness and awareness. Our experienced facilitator will deliver fascinating facts and information on topics that include the best positions for accessing the G-spot or P-Spot. Plus, you’ll get to see how Liberator Sex Furniture can kick things up a notch in the bedroom.



Aria Vega is an Atlanta-based sex educator and writer who is on a mission to create a more sex-positive world. Her blog, Your Heavenly Body reviews pleasure products and provides insightful articles about the body and sexuality, especially as they intersect with spirituality and trauma.


Admission is free to anyone over 18. To reserve your seat please contact or call us at 770-246-6422