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Why Do You Need A Sex Pillow?

We all want better sex, and Sex Pillows make that possible. As the inventor of Sex Pillows (also known as Sex Shapes®), we believe everyone should have one! Our mission is to bring the world more love, sex, and orgasms! Sex Pillows make more positions possible because sex is more comfortable, reducing joint strain, increasing stamina, deepening penetration, enhancing intimacy and connection, and intensifying sexual satisfaction.

Better Sex Positions

Better Sex Positions

Sex Pillows improve the best sex positions, like elevated oral, missionary, cowgirl, doggy, wheelbarrow, and 69.

Elevate your sex life

Elevate and Improve Your Sex Life

Our Sex Pillows offer a soft but firm surface to elevate the body, giving you better access to penetrative and oral sex. They offer better angles for penetration and connection, supporting areas like your neck, torso, back, hips, pelvis, or knees that become stiff or sore during prolonged love-making sessions.

Build your sex dungeon

Build your own discreet sex room

Our Sex Pillows come in various sizes and styles, including smaller Shapes® for specific support areas and larger ramps for full-body support. The smaller cushions are discreet enough to leave on your bed as a decorative throw pillow or tuck away on a closet shelf. You can fit the larger Shapes under a bed, in a corner or closet, or display them as "yoga props."

Wedge Sex Pillow

Why not just use a standard pillow?

Regular bed pillows don’t offer enough support, collapsing under body weight and providing no stability – they just aren’t made for sex. Our high-density foam provides stability, comfort, and support whether you use them on a bed, sofa, or floor – giving you endless options for creative sexual positions. It is protected by a durable, water-resistant inner liner, while the outer cover is soft and lush for a dreamy sexual experience. Most of the Sex Pillows are covered in machine-washable microvelvet that feels incredible to the touch, though you can also get some pieces in luxe faux fur or sleek faux leather. We handcraft our Sex Pillows from premium materials of the highest quality. Our products are made in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, by seamstresses, craftsmen, and artisans who follow exacting standards to create luxurious products that invite your touch.

Sex Pillows Bondage

Sex Pillows for Bondage

Looking to explore BDSM? We have bondage versions of our classic Sex Pillows designed for adventurous couples seeking the thrill of restraint play. Compatible with various cuff kits, rope, and silk sashes, these bondage accessories can be hidden in one of our locking accessory bags. We even have pillows with removable Velcro® restraint tethers for a customized bondage experience. Our Bondage Pillows harness your desires and elevate your body for sizzling nights of sexual exploration.

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Where have I seen Sex Pillows before?

LIBERATOR Sex Pillows have been seen in movies and TV shows like How To Build A Sex Room, Burn After Reading, Insatiable, Master of None, and Meet The Fockers. They are regularly discussed in countless publications, interviews, podcasts, and online blogs, as well as publishing our own book with popular sex educator Jaiya, called Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible.

No matter what kind of erotic adventures you decide to pursue, Liberator has a Sex Pillow that can amplify your pleasure. Whether you’re exploring the Kama Sutra, learning about your dominant side, trying food play, period sex or watersports, or riding your favorite toys, we are here to support you with the best Sex Pillows available anywhere, for EVERY body.