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Warning: So hot it may be a flight risk!

“Ladies and gentleman, thank you for flying with us today, we hope you have a pleasant evening,” the flight attendant’s voice filled the cabin as I popped out of my seat and reached for my carry-on.

I tried not to make it look like I was sprinting off of the plane, but really I was. We’d been apart for way too long, and I was eager to get home. I was supposed to arrive home tomorrow, but I managed to squeeze tomorrow’s meeting to this afternoon, and paid an exorbitant change fee so that I arrived back in Atlanta tonight.

I made it to my car by 9:30 and picked up my cell phone to call her. She’d be so happy to see me early, but I really wanted to surprise her. Slip in, see her reading in bed and then jump her. So I put the cell phone down and navigated my way through the little traffic there was on Friday evening.

I pulled up to our townhouse and shut down the engine. I slipped in as quietly as I could and walked up to the main level. All of the lights were out, it was clear she had gone upstairs for the evening. I set down my bag and left my suitcase in the hallway and started walking up the stairs to the third floor and our bedroom.

As I was going up the stairs I heard music coming from the bedroom, the kind you heard at that cool lounge you and your friends go to try and feel like you’re one of the socialites in the city. Electronic music, but more for the background and not for dancing, you’ve heard it before I know. Anyone who’s been to a lounge or relaxed type club in the last five years has. It is music that I like, but not something she usually listens to. It’s usually on when we’re getting it on to be honest. Not her typical reading music for sure.

I finish my ascent and walk down the hallway to our bedroom. The door is mostly open and I can see the light spilling out from the room. The music is getting louder as well. I step into the doorway and I nearly come in my pants right there. My beautiful wife is on our bed, astride our purple Liberator Pulse and fucking herself silly.

She clearly hasn’t heard me come in and I step back from the doorway a bit. I’m now in the shadows of the hallway, but still have a great view of what’s going on. I know that she masturbates sometimes, what person doesn’t, but anytime I’ve tried to talk to her about she makes it seem like it’s more of a medicinal process, something to relieve the tension, rather than an erotic act of self-love.

She moans as I stand there, that familiar tone that I hear as her orgasm is building deep within her. I’m still shocked and can’t take my eyes off of her. She’s on the bed, riding the Pulse with what looks like her favorite dildo sliding in and out of her. It’s not incredibly long, but it’s thick and she always loves the full feeling she gets with it.

I also love the feeling of fucking her after she’s used it, she feels incredible. I bought the Pulse for her a few months ago on a whim, and we’d used it a few times, but I had no idea she’d ever pulled it out solo.

Her moans got louder and she started pinching her nipples as she bucked harder on the Pulse. Whenever she’s close to cumming she loves to have her nipples tweaked. That mix of pleasure and pain can really send her over the edge. Her pace quickens and I unbuckle my pants and drop them to the floor. I have to touch myself. This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, watching my seemingly innocent wife fuck herself with the Pulse while I stand and watch her.

My boxer briefs are too constricting at this point, so I pull them off and toss them in the hallway as well. I take my cock in my hands and began to stroke myself as I watch her. She pinches her nipple again and bucks down on top of the dildo, crying out as she does. She’s right there, about the spill over the edge and when she pinches her other nipple as well during the next thrust she falls into ecstasy.

I hear the moans and the shrieks of delight as her body spasms, and I pump my cock faster, feeling like I’m going to come at any moment now as well. Her body heaves and shudders as she continues to rock back and forth on the Pulse. She cries out again and I lose it. I feel my legs weaken and I have to use my free hand to hold myself up against the wall as my cock shoots several thick strands of semen all over the floor in the hallway.

I stand there, spent and barely able to stand as I watch my wife come down from her high. She stills herself on the Pulse, but doesn’t get off it, instead sitting on it with a contented smile and breathing slowly. I can’t wait any longer and step into the bedroom.

“Natalie, wow!” I say as I enter our bedroom looking strange, my cock bobbing out from underneath my shirt.

“Mike, you’re home!” Natalie said as she looked startled for a moment, and then with a look of hunger in her eyes. “Well it’s clear we’ve both gotten warmed up, so why don’t we make up for lost time now?” my beautiful wife says and pulls me in as I approach her on the bed. Man I am glad I took that early flight.