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Welcome to the Dollhouse: Photos by Stacy Leigh

Art, Life & Art October 3, 2017

The female sex doll has been around for decades. These days, however, synthetic dolls are taking on a life of their own. They can now talk and express emotions. Photographer Stacy Leigh examines the new horizons in sex with a captivating and unnerving series of mages inside an actual Barbie Dreamhouse.

Mariano Vargas: Madonna & Whore

Art, Life & Art May 10, 2016

When painting could no longer quell his passion for more expression, he began using photography which he masterfully blends together with painting. Mariano Vargas’ masterful lighting, technique, and perspective allow his subjects to see themselves through his eyes—tastefully erotic.

Alphachanneling: Art Star Rising

Art, Life & Art April 27, 2016

Scrolling through the Instagram page of Alphachanneling is like taking an imaginative dive into the world of utopian erotica. The creative cross-sections of genitalia, extreme closeups of hands touching, abstract lovers, and bondage scenes are masterfully placed within a colorful array of rainbows and spiritual auras. Alphachanneling does a beautiful job of making all forms of sex appear intimate and spiritual, just as it should be.

Miles Aldridge: Deliciously Naughty

Art, Life & Art September 21, 2015

With just one look, you can instantly tell that Miles Aldridge descends from an aristocratic family. His candy-colored images are ultra-rich and possess an aura of eye-popping glamour. With an appealing mix of overt sexuality and saccharine sweetness, Miles Aldridge’s erotically charged photographs tell a sordid story of complex high-society characters.

copyright: Egon Schiele

Breached Boundaries: Egon Schiele

Art, Life & Art September 8, 2015

Known to be fervently and emotionally invested in his art, many of his peers either revered or reviled him. This could be due in part because Schiele had an unfettered fascination with, and appetite for, and access, to the female form. That, along with his eccentric behavior and promiscuous nature, made him a magnet for the ‘undesirables’ in his small town—where he was often observed drawing them nude and in various poses and states of undress.

copyright: Trina Merry

The Body Eclectic: Painted Human Forms by Trina Merry

Art, Life & Art September 2, 2015

Trina Merry creates unique body art for projects that range from avant-garde to commercial ad campaigns. It allows her to create a special connection to a person allowing for a truly immersive human experience. Merry explains, “I am inspired by the bodies themselves-by what they can and cannot do.” By incorporating the painted body into a physical landscape, Merry is blurring the lines between viewer and subject.