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All about Liberator Sex Toy Mounts

Liberator Collection, Product Reviews April 2, 2018

Love your sex toys but want more pleasure? The Liberator Sex Toy Mounts provide a way of getting more enjoyment out of your favorite vibes and dildos by providing a supportive cushion that securely houses your sex toy. Our sex toy mounts represent a whole new way of getting hands-free stimulation and toe-curling vibrations.

Product Profile: Liberator Pulse

Liberator Collection, Product Reviews October 22, 2015

I bent over the Pulse with my ass in the air and shook it a little. I was naked and using the pulse to support me in a stooped doggy style position. Mr entered me with ease the Pulse supporting my body whilst he thrust his dick into me the Pulse positioned me so that my ass was high above the rest of my body enabling Mr to penetrate me easily.