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Ask Ava: Intimate Sex Positions for Plus-size Lovers

Positions, Sex May 16, 2017

Having a little junk in your trunk is not a bad thing. Except when it gets in the way of having the porn-star sex you’ve always dreamed of. No matter your size, it takes practice to make sex feel sexy and not like you are two space aliens trying to figure out how the human body works. Let’s take a look at some intimate sex positions designed just for plus-size lovers.


Big Love: Self-love for Plus-size Lovers

Life, Sex July 23, 2015

Big gals, like me, may not look like we give ourselves much self-love, but the truth is I try to ‘flick the bean’ every chance possible. Personally, I suggest that any fat girl get down with getting off. Not only do you connect with yourself in a tactile way, but you get to explore the pleasure centers of your body. Plus, the increase of endorphins and other hormones make you feel pretty damn sexy.

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Top Five Positions for Plus Size Lovers

Advice & How Tos, Positions June 4, 2015

We believe that everyone deserves the right to have great sex, and being plus-sized does not mean sacrificing pleasure. Although weight may inhibit some things, anyone with a plus-sized frame can still enjoy a repertoire of positions. Experiencing a fulfilling sex life is about looking at things from a different angle and trying a variety of things to get the juices flowing.

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Big Love: Sex on the Plus Side

Liberator Reviews, Positions, Reviews, Sex June 4, 2015

I’m an unapologetic and sexy woman who weighs 300 lbs, has 60-inch hips, large voluptuous breasts, and a deliciously curvy apple-shaped ass. My body is healthy, beautiful and strong, and to celebrate it, I have copious amounts of sex with the man who loves every single inch of me. Our sex life is ahhhmazing (especially the foreplay) but due to my larger stature, we’re limited to few position options.