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Bedroom Eyes: Art by Audrey Kawasaki

Art, Illustrations, Painting February 24, 2016

Painter and illustrator Audrey Kawasaki is known for ethereal oil-on-wood paintings of women and girls that look more like watercolors than oil. With graceful curves and haunting porcelain doll faces, her figures are simultaneously attractive yet disturbing. Both innocent and erotic with a hint of her influences from manga comics and Art Nouveau.

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copyright: Appollonia Saintclaire

Ink in the Blood: Art by Appollonia Saintclair

Art, Illustrations November 11, 2015

Saintclair explores pleasure, intimacy, and sexual expressivity through her erotic illustrations. From tangled hair, to sensual, parted lips, to the minute contours of the erogenous body, her masterful line work captures desire in incredible detail. Her illustrations go beyond titillating us in the conventional sense, however; with writhing tentacles and zippers embedded in flesh, many of her images are simultaneously arousing and unsettling.

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