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What’s it like to model for Liberator?

Art, Film, Liberator Reviews May 25, 2016

Meet Adam and Vicki. These two gorgeous people are going to give us a glimpse behind the scenes at Liberator. We asked them to talk about their experiences modeling for one of the sexiest brands around, and this is their unscripted response.

Stay tuned for more videos from them to discuss all the joys and fun you can have with sex furniture in our new series, Under the Covers. We give them product and they give us their honest opinion.


Plump Up the Volume: Tips for Erection Protection

Advice & How Tos, Sex September 3, 2015

Let’s face it, we live a penis-oriented society. Like it, or not, there are numerous devices, medications, and toys all dedicated to—you guessed it—the penis. Even a majority of female pleasure toys are designed to look like a dick. More than likely, if you’re reading this article, you either have a penis, or you love using the hell out of one. This is because when it comes to having enjoyable sex, having an erect penis rules!

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