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Mutual Masturbation

Hottest Show on Earth: 5 Marvelous Mutual Masturbation Techniques to Increase Intimacy

Sex Advice & How Tos January 13, 2021

No matter if you have all night, are rushing out the door, or are near or across the globe, there are plenty of ways to get down and dirty with the one you love. In fact, you should be involving your partner in this intimate act every chance you get. Studies have shown that couples that engage in mutual masturbation have sex more frequently, so a richer love life.

Self-Love Artist: Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Sex Advice & How Tos November 8, 2016

So, how do you reshape your immaculate canvas and keep things fresh? Well, let’s start with the fact masturbation is not one-size-fits-all. Some like to paint-by-numbers, while others enjoy coloring outside the lines. That’s the great thing about being your own self-love artist—you can color the pleasure any way you choose.


Masturbation: Health & Happiness are at Hand

Life, Life & Art April 25, 2016

Here’s the thing—as you have blood specifically filling the area that controls arousal, this is what you are going to work. It’s the same as exercising any other muscle. You can obtain the best contractions while your penis is erect. But you’ll notice as you masturbate, the harder it will be to contract the muscle during Kegels. However, the harder you contract the muscle, the longer you will be able to contract the muscle. This is where the magic happens.

Close Encounters: A Guide to Long Distance Sex

Life, Sex Advice & How Tos August 4, 2015

We’ve come a long way since writing each other passionate letters that arrive a month later—Now we have sexting, video chat, and bluetooth sex toys. Satisfying our long-distance sexual cravings feel more authentic and meaningful than ever.
So, if your sex buddy is in Toronto or Timbuktu, the following guide can help keep things boiling until the climactic reunion.