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Liberator Erotic Writing Contest

Liberator: Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

Lusty Lit #11: Bet on it

Art, Literature November 30, 2015

“You are to obey, remember?” So I sat back and watch him strap both of my wrists to the sides of the ramp, and then strap my ankles as well. I was completely vulnerable, and completely horny. My legs were spread wide open and my pussy was totally exposed. “Please,” I begged.

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Lusty Lit #6: All Tied Up

Art, Literature October 28, 2015

Restrained but frenzied, I returned her love, feeling nothing in my limbs as I used all the energy in my body to drive myself, thrashing into her pussy as deeply as I could. With our mouths connected, our tongues engaged in a furious, uncontrollably passionate cavort, exchanging our bodies’ tastes, sucking and virtually inhaling each other’s tongues – hers I sucked with a craving I reserved for her pussy, mine she sucked as if it was the pinnacle of her conquest of my entire body.

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