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Hail to the Vagina: What’s Your Pussy Personality?

Life, Sex July 16, 2015

How is it that one of the most vexing marvels of natural engineering (and according to Russian folklore, the most powerful antidote for marauding bear attacks) has to live in the shadows? The vagina—or vag, pussy, snatch, bearded clam, cave of wonders, or whatever you want to call it—deserves the right to be herself, to roam free, and to explore the world. Because to know your yoni, is to know yourself—and just like her owner, the pussy packs a lot of personality.


Sexperiment #13: Men Draw the Ideal Vagina

Art, Sex July 15, 2015

For a lot of men, the vagina has always been a thing of a mystery. Ever since the beginning of time, they have been trying to decode this particular body part for its mystifying form, function, and appearance. Although guys rarely give the vagina a second thought, it’s women, who generally, get caught up in worrying about its aesthetics. Now we believe that as long as a lady doesn’t have anything too distracting—like gum stuck the pubes or way too much perfume—this slice of heaven is ‘A-Okay’ in the minds of many men.

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