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Liquid Nudes by Alberto Seveso

Art, Photography August 31, 2017

Alberto Seveso has an uncanny ability to mesmerize us with his dreamlike ribbons of color and smoke swirling around the nude form. His out of the world creations combine high-speed photography and ink mixing with fluid. The result is the ultimate visual guilty pleasure.

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copyright: Patrick Nagel Estate

Blast from the Past: Patrick Nagel

Art, Illustrations February 17, 2016

During his prolific, but short career, Patrick Nagel created over 400 paintings and illustrations and invented the look of what we now call the Resting Bitch Face. A cross between a sensual Roy Lichtenstein and an erotic Leonardo da Vinci, his glossy, high-style art was ubiquitous with hair and nails salons and the 1980’s art nouveau craze.

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Art Brut: John van Orsouw

Art, Illustrations, Painting August 20, 2015

Outsider art is often used to categorize artists, working in ways that contradict the mainstream, disconnected and sometimes unaware of the so-called high art world. But for artists like John van Orsouw, “outsider” means something entirely different—Art Brut. The French translation means raw art—uncooked and unadulterated by culture. Raw because it’s creation embodies its most direct and uninhibited form. Not only is the art unique and original, but the artists themselves exist outside the social parameters—just like John van Orsouw.

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Malika Favre: Nothing More, Nothing Less

Art, Sex April 6, 2015

I had a few misgivings ahead of time. Number one is, why wouldn’t you just use a pillow to do what the Liberator does? I learned immediately upon receiving the Wedge that it’s not that simple, since the Liberator is made of this heavy duty foam material that’s way sturdier than a pillow but just pliant enough to be comfortable. Welcome to sex in the 21st Century! None of my fluffy pillows could possibly compete with this firm foam.

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