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Banish the Dead Bedroom: Tips to Jumpstart Intimacy

Sex, Sex Advice & How Tos January 16, 2023

Have you ever worried about your relationship and wondered if it’s heading toward a dead bedroom? My partner obsesses over the r/deadbedrooms subreddit. Hundreds of stories from couples about their lack of intimacy and sex. I’m not a therapist or sexpert…just your average peri-menopausal heterosexual woman. I have, however, had enough relationships to experience the pain of diminished libido, passionless sex, and a dead bedroom. Two decades later, I’m more knowledgeable about sustaining sexual excitement in a healthy relationship. So, follow my tips, get out the paddles and resuscitate your dead bedroom.

The Games We Play: 8 Sexy Ways to Get your Night Started

Sex Advice & How Tos May 7, 2018

Game nights bring friends together through rousing competition and raucous laughter. That principle is easily applied in the bedroom as well. Playing games with your partner can offer a new experience to shake up a routine, open a dialogue about any hidden fantasies or wishes, or act as a stepping stone to experimenting with more adventurous activities.