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b-Vibe Jewel Plug Review

Product Profile: Vibrating Jewel Plug

Product Reviews, Sex Toys November 12, 2021

I’ll go ahead and admit this upfront: I’m not an anal master. My butt has only been host to a couple of small plugs (I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing sex toys, and the jewels and bunny tails always draw me in) and the occasional very lucky cock once in a blue moon. So my outlook upon being gifted the b-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug (M/L size) was equal parts “omg, this plug is so cute” and “sure, why not?”. Never before has my raven-like attraction to shiny objects rewarded me so richly.

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Help Me b-Vibe: How Do We Get Back Into Anal Post-Birth?

Sex Advice & How Tos April 25, 2017

Many of us have a preconceived notion about how we should feel and act as parents. This is especially true for women! The key here is reaffirming your wife’s right to sexual expression and just being with her during the process. What I mean by this is do not pressure her. Discuss how you feel openly, but never force anything she isn’t feeling ready for.

Help Me b-Vibe: How Do I Get My Partner into Anal?

Sex Advice & How Tos April 19, 2017

Going from zero to the penis is a no-no. The anal sphincter may be strong, but it is also very delicate. It’s best when starting small. You can begin by using fingers and then working your way towards something larger such as a butt plug. A small vibrating anal toy, like the b-Vibe Novice Plug, is a great option because it’s almost the size of a finger and is great a transition from fingers to toys.