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Pubic Domain: Marilyn Minter

Art, Photography February 3, 2016

Marilyn Minter’s work has intentionally, or unintentionally, created controversy, which is genius either way. Since the beginning of her career, she has vexed the critics and public alike with her interesting compositions of hyper-realistic paintings of the female form–to lipsticked smeared lips, to high-heeled feet, to full-color, full-blown provocative images of female pubic hair.

copyright 2015: Mr. Peluche

Mr. Peluche: The Art of Micro-Porn

Art, Photography, Sex July 1, 2015

The purpose in creating small-scale art enables Mr. Peluche to highlight the unseen in a large world. From his vantage point, his work is on public display but yet does not exist because of undiscerning eyes. According to the media-shy Mr. Peluche, “Our society is suffering from gigantism, and I want my street art to focus on the nearly invisible.”

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Nicola Ranaldi: Feast Your Eyes

Art, Photography March 10, 2015

His composition and style feels and looks candid, spontaneous and real. Famous for his advertising campaigns in major fashion magazines like Vogue Italia and Italian Elle, Ranaldi has removed the high gloss and replaced it with beautiful models that appear fluid and in-the-moment.

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Naked and True: Photography by Evelyn Bencicova

Art, Beauty, Photography February 23, 2015

This young, self-taught photographer, and former model, concocts the most beguiling images of bare, doughy-skinned subjects within environments that look and feel cool, muted, clinical and austere. Her multi-layered images go beyond the apparent and are more than just a photograph –but a scene and sculptural composition that is otherworldly, yet accessible and realistic.

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