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Curve Appeal: Getting to Know Your Hipster

Liberator Collection, Product Reviews March 18, 2016

Flipping through all the images, we playfully discussed the benefits of each, with me teasing him with which ones would be good for anal. (You should have seen his eyes light up with that one.) I wanted to feel comfortable with my bum in the air while he wanted to try girl on top. Being unfamiliar with anything other than a few pillows, we finally settled on the Hipster.

My Oh! My: Different Types Female Orgasms

Life, Life & Art January 21, 2016

Hitting the female zenith is bit more complex. If you did not know already, there is more than one way for a woman to experience toe curling, grasping, moaning, shaking, panting, earth shattering moments in bed. But not that long ago, it was believed that all women were capable of having only two types of orgasms—clitoral and vaginal.

Anal Play for Beginners: A Lady’s Perspective

Life, Life & Art November 6, 2015

The primary reason for not venturing south is because I believed there would be more pain than pleasure. Boy, was I wrong. For the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with anal pleasures—not anal sex, but play. At first, I could barely stand the anticipation and had a few false starts. But then I realized something. Anal play is way more effective and pleasurable when you’re really close to coming.

Lusty Lit #9: You Want to Try What?!

Lusty Lit October 17, 2014

Liberator’s Lusty Lit Contest awards the winner with a $250 gift card to Vote for the contests by clicking the heart at the end of the post. To find out more, click here.



Warning: This one will make you want to try something new too!


After dinner one night, my wife told me that she had been doing some “research” on the Internet about something she has wanted to try. She went to the closet and came back with two boxes. The contents of the boxes were going to allow her to conduct that research. She then said it was time for us to both shower and get ready for a night that I would be sure to remember.


After our showers, she lit several candles in the bedroom that provided ample lighting. The boxes were arranged side by side on the bed. She asked me which one I wanted to open first and I said the smaller one.


She smiled and said, “No, open the big box first.”


Upon opening the bigger box, I found the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. She said these Shapes assist with better positioning for a variety of sexual activities. It was at this point where she said she wanted to try anal.


My arousal from her statement was immediate and obvious. She seductively smiled and said that it was time to open the other box. I quickly opened it and found a large bottle of thick water based lube and the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit. I looked at her with a look that said, this is what you meant by trying anal?


She said that her research told her there are three important things, preparation, relaxation, and lubrication. The showers and the candles were for preparation, and she would be providing the relaxation and the lubrication.


She had me arrange the ramp/wedge combo on the bed and lay doggy style on them while she went and got “dressed”. She quickly returned with the harness on and a dildo in each hand. The sight was visually exciting. I could feel my erection throbbing against my stomach and the Liberator Shapes.


She laid on top of me with her hard nipples pressing into my back and whispered in my ear that it was time for relaxation and lubrication. She lightly kissed my ear and neck, and slowly started kissing her way down my back. Each kiss and flick of her tongue had me breathing deeper and heavier.


When she reached the top of my ass, she used her hands to massage my cheeks. A few moments passed, and she then spread my cheeks and very lightly passed her tongue from the top downwards. When her tongue reached my opening, I jumped from the sensation. She giggled and told me to relax. She continued to use her tongue on me while increasing the pressure with her tongue. It was not long before her tongue was on me continuously. I could feel my ass relaxing against her tongue.


She verbally expressed this and said, “now that you are relaxed, it is time to add some extra lubrication.”


Sometime during the tongue massage, she had placed the larger of the two dildos into the harness and lubed the smaller one. She applied lube to her fingers and started stroking my opening with one finger. I could feel myself relaxing. As I did, she slipped a finger inside of me. I was surprised at how easy it slid in and how good it felt.


She leaned forward and breathing heavily she said, “You took that pretty easy, you ready for another one?”


All I could do was moan as she slipped a second finger inside me. I tensed slightly but quickly relaxed as she continued to work my ass with her two fingers. With no warning, she slid in a third and lustfully said, “I think we both are ready to try anal!”


She got behind me, removed her fingers, and pulled me up by my hips. Briefly, one hand came off my hip, tossing the smaller dildo to the floor she added more lube to the dildo in the harness saying, “your ass is ready for this one now!”


She pressed the tip of the dildo against my opening and slowly pressed against me. I felt the tip slowly enter as she exclaimed how hot it was seeing the dildo slide inside me. Once the head of the dildo was fully inside, she paused and allowed me to experience the sensation of being penetrated. I slid back against her and quickly took her entire length. I could feel her thighs on my ass cheeks. The fullness of her dildo in my ass was incredible.


My erection was the hardest it has ever been and leaking like never before. She grabbed both of my hips again and slowly started thrusting in and out, adding more length to each thrust. It was not long until I was taking her entire length with each thrust.


The symphony of sex coming from the room consisted of our heavy breathing. The combined moans and grunts, coupled with the sound of my ass slapping against her thighs, filled my ears. I could feel each thrust from the base of my balls to the tip of my cock. The orgasm was building inside me. She told me to grab myself and make it happen.


The pleasure I was feeling was beyond words. I told her to fuck me through my orgasm. These words seemed to motivate her, as she tightened her grip on my hips and fucked me even harder. My orgasm hit after several hard, deep thrusts. I exploded with the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. She slowed down and held the dildo inside until my shuddering body stopped twitching.


I laid spent upon our new Liberator shapes as she gently withdrew from me. I twitched one last time when the dildo was removed. After she caught her breath, she asked what I thought about anal.


My reply was simply, “I LOVE anal.”