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For all the clit owners out there, I am shouting from the Liberator rooftop get a Zumio! It will be your new BFF. How? Well, it all starts with something called a SpiroTip®–a dainty, flexible arm with a silicone nub at the end that whirls around super-fast in little circles. Zumio lets you paint yourself into a pleasurable corner with pinpoint and exacting stimulation. Think of it as having your own bionic finger or orgasmic paintbrush that focuses on all of your most pleasurable bits, resulting in record-breaking orgasms.

Get to Know Zumio

Looks can be deceiving. My first impression of Zumio is it looks a lot like a Sonic toothbrush. Which is great, because you can leave it out and no one is the wiser. However, Zumio is completely different from conventional clitoral vibes or even the new clit sucking devices. Designed by women for women Zumio can be used in a lot of different ways. I love using it for quick solo masturbation sessions. But it is also great for partnered play.

The good news with Zumio is you have options.  There are two versions currently available:

  • Zumio X Intense – and they are not unstating the word intense either. Essentially, Zumio X is for those who enjoy the power of a magic wand mixed with precise, pinpoint attention. For me, the X version was too much when used directly on my clit. I had to use a cloth to buffer the sensation even on the lowest setting. I don’t recommend Zumio X for those are the sensitive side or first trying out a clitoral vibe. This model, in my opinion, is for serious thrill seekers who crave intensity.

Zumio X Intense Clitoral Vibe

  • Zumio S Caress – This model is basically the same with the exception of a small silicone bubble covering a shorter SpiroTip®. The S Caress does provide a gentler sensation when pressed against the clit. Maybe it’s psychological, but I felt this one performed better based on my preference and sensitivity level.

Zumio S Caress Clitoral Vibe

Come in 60 Seconds

Zumio is designed to deliver faster orgasms—60 seconds. Always up for a challenge; I set my iPhone timer and headed off to the orgasm racetrack. Surprisingly, Zumio had me over the finish line within 45-seconds flat and with plenty of time to spare. Keeping it in place, another climatic orgasm arrived within 10 seconds. So overall, I had two orgasms within the time it takes to steal a priceless 1967 Eleanor Ford Mustang.  Take that Nick Cage!

Zumio Clitoral Vibe

New Thrills

Using Zumio for clitoral orgasms is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also use it for stimulating other erogenous zones. I tried S Caresse on my nipples and was delighted by the sensations. Another great aspect of this product is men can use it too. My partner loved the whirling tip as it gently grazed across the head of his penis. He said it “felt like a million tongues teasing and licking his favorite pleasure zone.” What we also liked about Zumio is the tapered design. You can stimulate your clit during intercourse without interruptions.

Zumio is a great sexual primer too. The flexible shaft also vibrates and can be used during foreplay, this is especially helpful for women who have a hard time becoming aroused. Varying the pressure of the shaft will provide an array of varying sensations.

Perfectly Designed

Small but mighty, Zumio is a powerful vibe. It’s lightweight, slim designed is great for women who have a hard time handling larger massagers. The push button design is really simple too. Just push the on button and you’re ready to go. The designers did not miss anything when developing this product. The charging unit can remain stationary and all you have to do is pop it in to recharge.


  • Lightweight and super easy to use.
  • Unisex — men can use it too.
  • Produces fast orgasms.
  • Great for couples play and solo sessions.
  • Flexible shaft lets you engage other erogenous zones.
  • Simple push-button design with 8 vibration settings.
  • Fantastic charging stations. Plug-n-play!
  • No louder than a toothbrush.


  • I can’t think of any right now. But will keep you informed!
  • Price point may be high for those on a budget.
  • New product. Hard to determine how long it will last.