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Pwew! We made it! It’s been a crazy year from start to finish, and the national obsession with sex is still going strong. From mainstream networks to social media feeds, people’s minds were totally preoccupied with sex. Here is our list highlighting the year in sex 2017—from the year’s sexiest innovations to those who helped revolutionize the way we think of sex and to those who make us want to crawl back into bed and sleep until 2018.

The Year in Sex 2017

Bow Down to the Princess

We think Ben Franklin said it best: “So goes our pornography, goes the country.” We may be making that up, but the statement stands. For instance, during the McGregor vs Mayweather fight in August, Pornhub reported their site visits dropping by 21% as people tuned in. After the fight, people returned to their favorite pastime, with the folks of Ireland salving a few emotional wounds after McGregor’s loss. The site reports Irish visits increasing by 174% after the fight.

The hardworking data crunchers at Pornhub report that there are traffic spikes during times of stress, such as inclement weather. However, porn searches are influenced by happier things going on in culture as well. For example, searches for the future Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales, also known as Megan Markle, increased by 2270% when her wedding to Prince Harry was announced—mostly in the U.S. Here’s to the happy couple!

Super(Natural) Sex

Ever wonder what it’s like having sex with a ghost? Well, your question is finally answered! There is a woman living in England who claims that she’s been having sex with a ghostly apparition. The story goes like this: she breaks up with boyfriend, moves into a 16th Century home, and wakes up to find a fully clothed man laying on top of her. It’s good knowing that not having a corporeal form does not prevent anyone from playing the field.

‘We started to make love. He was very gentle and stroked my body tenderly. During the lovemaking, I sensed all kinds of things about him – his name (Robert) and he lived (over 100 years ago).

New Frontiers

Anal sex definitely made some heady headlines in 2017. Teen Vogue, a magazine targeting young girls, published a provocative article featuring the ins and outs of anal sex. The article was so hot and bothersome that one mother’s reaction resulted in a viral video condemning the magazine. Her reaction stirred up even more controversy as she hosted her own book burning in a backyard bonfire. Speaking of anal sex and higher education. Harvard University had very eager ivy league co-eds signing-up for school’s annual “Anal Sex 101” class. Now that’s what we call a class act!

Naked Lunch or Dinner

If you have impeccable table manners and don’t mind being completely nude, then O’Naturel may be a date-night destination for you. The newly opened restaurant in Paris, France caters exclusively to people who don’t mind dining in the buff. The 3-course menu includes foie gras, lobster, escargot, lamb and scallops and costs around 58 euros. However, rules do apply. Just because there is nudity, it does not entitle diners to act out sexually.

Silicon Valley of the Dolls

Sex dolls have been around for quite some time. But as every year closes, so does the gap between reality and technology. 2017 saw the release of full-fledged sex robots—sex dolls so real looking that it had many people doing a double-take. The A.I. capabilities were exponential this year with some sex dolls that are now including heating mechanisms, touch sensitivity, super realistic materials, and fine-tuned personalities. We believe by next year sex dolls will begin having intelligent conversations with their owners while teaching them all about the kama sutra. Adding to the quest for perfection, the industry trend is seeing the emergence of celebrity sex dolls with the famous people potentially cashing in on lucrative licensing agreements.

For those of you uncertain about investing thousands of dollars on a sex doll, some brothels in Europe are replacing their human sex workers with sex dolls. For around £70, you can take one out for a test drive for a half-hour before buying. If you are concerned robots may replace humans in other ways, you are not alone. Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson warns that by 2050 sex robots will replace real relationships. Don’t worry Doc—we’ve all seen Blade Runner!

Pussy Galore

Clits, vaginas, and vulvas were the talk of the airwaves in 2017. The Womanizer made history with its national television debut on Conan O’Brien. But that was not the most shocking part. The word Clit and Orgasm were used in the same sentence while the product was being demonstrated on live television. Speaking of our favorite body part, LELO came out with a hot new product called the SONA Cruise. This innovative sonic wave vibe is revolutionizing women’s pleasure. Also, vulva’s have made their mark in the beauty industry too. Women are going as far as having sculpted vulva’s applied to their fingernails.

Relatively Speaking

Year in Sex 2017Ever since VR headsets were first launched, the adult industry has been working on “immersive” new ways to experience pornography. However, the year in sex 2017, virtual reality really took off. With the technology becoming more readily available and more affordable, porn sites are trying to deliver a more authentic experience by incorporating “smells” to enhance your x-rated viewing time. Mmmm, we love the smell of faux vagina in the morning.

Year in Sex 2017Play[insert gender here]

Playboy, an American institution, experienced the passing its founder and president, Hugh Hefner this year. The loss of an icon is never easy but the magazine is staying true to its mission of embracing changing attitudes toward sex. This year, after taking nudity out, Playboy decided to put nudity back into the magazine. And then in November, Playboy Magazine featured its first transgender Playmate, Ines Rau. The announcement was not without resistance, though. Social media offered a host of mixed reactions with most comments being supportive. Although we continue making great strides against the limitations of gender roles, there is still plenty of room for growth when it comes to stopping discrimination against those who don’t fit the traditional mold.

Year in Sex 2017

Pop Goes the Culture

Year in Sex 2017Pop culture led the way toward freeing the nipple. Now it’s freeing the shame of sex toys with 2017 seeing a surge in sex toys sales. The impetus for this was clever licensing agreements and genius marketing. The creators of Broad City teamed up with U.K. marketer, Lovehoney, to develop a line of cutesy sex toys targeting millennial women. Not to be outdone, however; is a company that recently launched a series of emoji-inspired vibes and butt plugs. Even fidget spinners weren’t safe from the sex industry either. There’s a whole genre of porn dedicated to fidget spinners anal plugs. We prefer our sex toys a little more on the functional side, but these do sound like a great gag gift!

Year in Sex 2017#KINGCOCK

The year in sex 2017 would not be complete without an Instagram worthy hashtag giant cock story. Pipedream took the show on the road with the world’s largest dildo. The company’s flagship brand has a dildo called the “King Cock,” and, this past summer, they decided to create a truly king-sized version. The massive dildo took about three weeks to design, mold and sculpt. Owner Nick Orlandino would love to get The Guinness Book of World Records to recognize his company’s achievement but said: “officials aren’t returning my phone calls.” Maybe the book’s editors are too busy trying the king out for themselves?

The Bigger They Are

Speaking of cocks, the entertainment industry was shaken as men and women came forward accusing members of the movie and TV industry of sexual harassment. These heroes are defying the status quo by shining a light on the discrimination that goes on behind casting room doors. Beloved stars and series’ are toppling, and it is not yet clear what the overall outcome will be. While we will miss seeing what happens with Kevin Spacey’s character in House of Cards, we all know the real power lies with his wife, anyway.

Build It and They Will Come

Year in Sex 2017Companies are having to step outside their comfort zone to stand out in the sex toy market. Instead of relying on traditional marketing campaigns several companies decided to set up shop—at least temporarily. It may seem extreme to some, but the concept of a pop-up shop seems to be catching on. This year, Womanizer set up an experimental store allowing women orgasmic lunch breaks. Hot Octopuss brought the public to their knees with a Queen Bee pop-up shop. And Porn-Hub took it to the streets with a store complete with branded sex toys. The porn pop-up didn’t go unnoticed in the ritzy SoHo neighborhood, however. Luckily the line of protesters could not overtake the massive line pleasure seekers trying to gain entry.

With a Bang!

It’s been a spectacular year in sex 2017 for Liberator too. This year, the company made several mainstream appearances with products being featured on VH-1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, HBO’s Insecure, and PlayboyTV Toy Ride reality show. 2017 also saw Liberator’s global reach extending into the Chinese and South Korean erotic boutique market. Of course, this is all possible because of you! It’s our fans, subscribers and product lovers that have helped boost the Liberator brand. Thank you all for an amazing year, and just wait and see what we have in store for 2018!