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My Van, Womanizer Starlet & Me.

Driving home from the Liberator Factory Showroom one day, I got snarled in the infamous Atlanta traffic. Since there was nothing else to do but wait (and wait), I used it as a chance for trying out the Womanizer Starlet. And why not? I’m up high enough, the minivan windows are tinted, and I’m not going anywhere. I reached over and grabbed the Womanizer Starlet from the passenger seat. Without hesitation, slipped it under the waistband of my leggings. Suddenly, there I was—sitting in my van with hands and a sex toy down my pants in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Traffic is Better with an Orgasm

With a shapely groove design, the Womanizer Starlet fit perfect over my clitoral hood. All I had to do was press the button. My immediate thought was WOAH, this is a different sensation. I was caught off-guard by a surprising wave of suction mixed with vibration while the silicone nub gently enveloped my clit. It penetrated and pulsated all of my clitoral nerve endings. Then, within minutes, I felt a deep, pulsating, intense orgasm. I let out an involuntary gasp! I experienced an orgasm completely different from vibrating toys—all while sitting in traffic. As I tried to focus on my driving and through fogging windows, all I could think was, who knew a toy could do that?  The Womanizer Starlet was so powerful it really took my breath away. The bonus is this toy has multiple intensities (four to be exact) and with a simple press of a button, I was able to cycle through the intensity levels gradually. 

The Womanizer Starlet Round Two

I could not decide if it was the excitement of masturbating in traffic or if it was the Womanizer Starlet that provided the intense orgasm. All I knew is the Starlet was definitely worth another try. Home safely, and finally free from the constraints of tight leggings, I shut myself off with my brand travel buddy. I laid on my bed with the Womanizer Starlet in hand and within minutes, felt the familiar sense of climax approaching. Although the follow-up orgasm was intense, it did take a bit longer in achieving climax. What I noticed is the Womanizer Starlet feels very similar to having oral sex with a partner. You know—the good kind of cunnilingus where your partner can pinpoint and stay on the clitoris. After the second round of orgasms, I decided the Womanizer Starlet is a great choice. It not only works well for solo masturbation sessions or with a partner, it’s perfect for those on the go!

Deciding on the Womanizer Starlet

There’s been a lot of hype about air pulse, sonic wave technology clitoral stimulators the past few months. Multiple brands have launched a host of new products focusing on the clitoris. Now, people who own clits seem to be orgasming as a result. After reviewing each brand’s offerings, all of which were essentially the same; as they have a nozzle which is intended for placing on the clitoris, I chose the Womanizer Starlet. My selection was based on a number of factors; pricing, technology, brand name, and aesthetics. The Womanizer Starlet has an aesthetically pleasing color selection which immediately caught my attention. Plus, it is discrete enough for leaving out on a bedside table. Design wise, the Womanizer Starlet is lightweight and petite. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand which makes maneuvering easy. The bonus is the removable silicone head which has a nice, smooth texture and makes it easy to clean afterward. But most importantly, the Womanizer Starlet is economical. The double-digit price point makes this sex toy accessible to everyone on a tight budget. I’m thrilled about not spending a large lump of money on a sex toy that feels just as good as it looks. 


  • Compact size is great for on-the-go or traveling.
  • Economical price tag.
  • Petite and Discrete
  • The silicone nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Also provides a fun sensation on nipples.


  • Smaller size may not be a good option for anyone with reach or grip issues.
  • One button operation means cycling through all intensity levels. 
  • Louder than the other Womanizer products.
  • Cannot be used with silicone lubricants.


About Our Contributor:

Rella is a queer, polyamorous, vagina-owning and sex-positive human. She is actively involved in the Atlanta BDSM and Kink community and often finds herself pushing the boundaries of societal norms.