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Hot Sex Positions That Will Keep You Warm In the Winter

The worst part about winter sex is exposing your butt cheeks to the freezing temperatures outside of the covers. And since socks are not really an option—unless that’s your thing!—it can be hard to want to strip down to do the deed. What better way to generate some heat this winter than with some hot sex positions to get the blood pumping and heart racing? These athletic moves are so energizing that you may chase the winter blues away entirely. Just don’t forget your jacket next time you walk outside.

See You Next Tuesday

Hot Sex Positions

Inverted sex is all the rage because gets your blood flowing in the opposite direction. And when you’re performing one of these hot sex positions you’re most likely guaranteed a glorious head rush! You can achieve this by using the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo. Simply stack these Shapes on top of each other in a myriad of combinations—they stick together for whatever wild ride you are on.

Mount Pleasant

Hot Sex Positions

Standing positions can be a challenge if your bed is not the perfect height, which is why the Obéir Spanking Bench also makes for an exciting platform. Whether strapped in or not, it also places the derriere within perfect smacking distance while perfecting hot sex positions.

Deep Diver

Hot Sex Positions

Enjoy the thrill of total control with this twist on a 69-position and the Black Label Esse. With this many connector points, you can bind your lover into place exactly as you want them. Then climb on top and get your fill of giving and receiving.

Sunday Driver

Hot Sex Positions

Hot sex positions can also have a kinky twist. Keep their ankles in place, or add the wrists in too with the Talea Spreader Bar. The padding keeps their neck and shoulders comfortably aligned and their feet spread wide for seductive views and titillating winter sex access.

Miss Muffet

Hot Sex Positions

The sleek Black Label Esse Chaise creates a seductive platform when trying one of the most amazing and hot sex positions ever. Whether straddling on top or comfortably leaning over the humps to support your chest, you can relax into hours of winter sex play. After all, your partner is not going anywhere with those cuffs binding him in place.


Hot Sex Positions

Get phenomenal penetration with this most daring of hot sex positions. It keeps their legs back and away so that you can reach depths never before possible thanks to the curves of the Black Label Hipster and their restrained ankles and wrists.

The Angler

Hot Sex Positions

Take it to the floor with this power move that creates an intense angle for penetration. With your partner’s legs either spread or closed, and their ankles secured to the Black Label Ramp, you will be like a star on top of their Christmas tree.

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