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What do you get the man who has everything, including your love? Only the ultimate gift will do, of course—a night of passion with you.


Caresse Wedge

Get closer with the Caresse Wedge. This plush heart-shaped foam support Wedge is perfectly contoured to create a deeper connection and more access during sex. Reaching new heights of pleasure is made possible because the Caresse Wedge is angled for deeper penetration, providing 7” of lift and making it ideal for missionary and from-behind positions. The notch at the top of the Shape provides greater visibility and touchability for longer oral sessions and anal play by placing you and your partner in just the right position, and the generous width means plenty of stability for comfort. With all that extra support, you’ll have the stamina to go longer and faster.



Experience an intense penetration and increased G-spot stimulation with the help of the SlingShot. Plush and padded cuffs and straps help you spread your partner’s legs wide to gain full access. As a canvas for your love-style’s work of art, the SlingShot helps create masterpieces night after night. Use this as a bondage base for your other toys – a feather, a flogger, even a strap-on; the SlingShot makes it easier to explore his G-Spot, the prostate gland. The SlingShot is also great for holding the man in place to receive great oral sex.


Cobra Libre II

Sensitive, innovative and powerful, the Cobra Libre II offers intense pleasure with greater ease of use. Its updated control panel, with intuitive control system, operates both powerful motors and has a quick turn-off feature. The soft velvety interior, made from medical-grade silicone, is designed to surround the head of the penis and stimulate the glans. Be the captain of your pleasure, and navigate the ergonomically redesigned Cobra Libre II with a simple touch. It does not need to be moved back-and-forth by hand — all you have to do is enjoy the climax.


Lucan Glass Whip

Lucan is a master of many talents. At a commanding 16 inches, this menacing leather whip delivers both pain and pleasure at your command. The sculpted borosilicate glass handle rests heavy in grip and doubles as an insertable dildo, complete with elaborately textures aimed to please. Take your partner from the edge of climax to rapture without switching toys. Your toy box will never be the complete without this elegant, multi-purpose treasure.


Fleshlight Mount Two Play

Two Play says it all: indulge in double penetration with this uniquely designed mount. The height is ideal to hold your Fleshlight on a level when on your knees, leaving you open and your hands free for exploration. It can also provide support and lift in from-behind positions as well as head support for oral. Take your pleasure to a whole new level.


Hartman Camo Leather Paddle

Playful discipline scenarios are in your control with this irresistibly firm and excitingly manageable military-inspired paddle. Hand-made with smooth latigo leather and cream stitching, it features a perfect fit handle that offers targeted accuracy. This supple paddle feels like nothing else, and it can easily deliver teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with amazing and pleasurable results.


Hot Octopuss Guybrator Pulse II

Worn by him, but enjoyed by both, the Pulse II Duo by Hot Octopuss is a revolutionary couples’ sex toy that is crafted for hands-free pleasure. Now you too can turn foreplay into the main event, and enjoy the most amazing simultaneous orgasms with the Pulse II Duo. This extremely sexy and versatile toy has an erotically soft silicone texture that make giving pleasure to both lovers.


Zeppelin Lounger Sofa

Relax and let the Zeppelin Lounger take you to places you’ve never been. A smaller vessel than the Zeppelin, the lounger offers all of the enveloping softness as the original, at a size that can fit most bedrooms. The shredded high-density foam allows you to achieve positions otherwise unavailable, by taking pressure off joints and distributing weight evenly, while still acting as a soft place to cuddle up in front of the fireplace.


Sizzle Lips Edible Warming Gel

Add some new flavors and a lasting heat to your foreplay. Warming, thrilling and sensual, the Sensuva Sizzle Lips Warming Edible Gel is a blissful massage gel formulated to make your lovers hands feel smooth while feeling like soft warm breath on the skin. Completely kissable, this silky smooth liquid spreads seamlessly over the body and can be targeted on the most sensitive erogenous zones. Never sticky or tacky, it helps to eliminate friction while creating a smooth gliding sensation on the skin.


Decor Whirl

This firm foam bolster will add a whole new motion to your ocean. The dense, furniture-grade foam provides support under knees as a pivot point for ease of upward thrusts; when placed under your ankles, it enhances the range and strength of your forward movements. Under hips, it provides lift and movement for longer oral episodes, or stretch out on top of it for stimulating from-behind positions. After you’ve ridden the waves of pleasure that this Shape provides, it can easily pose as a stylish throw pillow for your bed.


Ventura Ball Gag

Experience the thrill of submission and give your lover total control while you can’t speak a word with the Ventura Ball Gag. Handmade by our in-house artisans, the Ventura is the sleek addition that your bondage collection needs. The supple and sturdy black latigo leather and nickel-plated adornments means that this gag will last through any adventure you can dream up, and the adjustable size allows to you to find the perfect fit and grip.


Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath

Now you can explore exciting new horizons with the Oxballs Muscle Cocksheath. This new item from legendary Oxballs is made from an even softer TPR and is designed to mold around your penis which allows for length and girth. Designed for the ultimate in sensation, the Muscle Cocksheath base is modeled after their signature cocksling-2 and will hold fast, regardless of your thrusting. This sheath is encased with soft TPR ridges that not only feels sensational, but it also massages up and down your member. No need to worry about it fitting. This sheath comes with a small silicone stopper that locks perfectly into the grooved indents for a tight vacuumed seal. To use, simply apply a liberal amount of lube, inside and out, slap it on, and enjoy the incredible ride and deep sucking sensations.


Aneros Helix Syn Anal Toy

Helix Syn is Silicon Synergy! Experience the synthesis achieved with our most popular Helix model and velvet touch silicone. The original Helix design has been skillfully refined for an even more comfortable fit, and with it’s solid inner frame, still maintains the rigidity necessary for the mind-blowing prostate experiences we are famous for. The final touch is a coating of the finest silicone available, for extreme comfort and maximum pleasure. The Synergy possible with Helix Syn and the Male G-spot is an unmatched combination you have to experience for yourself.


Wedge/Ramp Combo

The Wedge/Ramp Combo has been hailed as the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.” We don’t argue, and neither will you. Teaming up these two expertly-crafted Shapes will revolutionize your love life and allow you to experience a variety of new positions while inspiring you to find your own. The ergonomic design and flexible versatility will give you greater stamina for longer sessions that will yield incredibly intense orgasms. The microfiber cover ensures that the Shapes will cling together firmly, allowing you the freedom to experiment without worrying about the Shapes slipping off the bed.