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Editor’s note: Boys, you aren’t off the hook. See our article on manscaping here


With summer fast approaching and vacation time on the horizon, you might be considering doing something special for your partner. While skimpy lingerie and cute bikinis are a great addition to any romantic experience, we think you should do a little extra prep work such as getting a wax job down there. Not only will it heighten your experience together, it can be a sexy surprise for your significant other.

To help make your waxing adventure as smooth as possible, we asked experienced esthetician and amazing person Logan Rosenblatt from the award-winning Atlanta-based boutique and spa Sweet Samba to share her personal wisdom and tips.


DON’T be discouraged.

While you might think that waxing is only for the single or the beach-bound, Logan says her oldest client is a vivacious 75-year-old and loves it! It might seem daunting to expose your genitals to a stranger in the interest of getting hair removed from your nether regions, but waxing can be beneficial in the long run. Waxing can lead to finer and less hair regrowth, plus, a smoother vaginal area is often far more erotic and gives all of your tried-and-true positions a new slick experience. The removal of hair from around the clitoris can lend itself to more stimulation and pleasure.

DO let it grow.

You need a substantial amount of hair for the wax to grab onto, so, Logan recommends that you let your hair grow for at least two weeks before your appointment if you shave. If you trim, Logan stresses that you need at least one and a half week of hair growth and you should not trim directly before the appointment. Your esthetician will trim you if needed before waxing. And don’t worry about your partner during this time – the end result will be worth the wait.

DO get creative.

While a traditional Brazilian wax does involve the removal of all of your hair down there, there are several options on what can be left behind. From a traditional landing strip to a heart, you can use this area as a canvas to create your own work of art. You can also try vajazzling, in which small crystals are attached to the skin with an adhesive to create a “blinged” effect that sure is to dazzle your partner.

DON’T get too complicated.

Logan does warn that you should keep your shapes fairly simple. While she has gone as far as waxing initials into a customer’s privates, she cautions that the pubic hair can grow unevenly, leading to a patchy work of art. Also, while dying your pubic hair can be tempting, she warns against “fun” colors, such as blue or pink, and these can run and stains clothing. Blond hair below work best.

shutterstock_247184098DO watch what you eat.

What you eat has a direct effect on your vaginal area, so when planning for your romantic night, Logan advises you to avoid any smelly foods and instead pig out on pineapple and celery. She also advises ingesting virgin coconut oil, either raw or as a supplement. It is high in potassium and helps the body hold moisture, leading to a wetter experience that your partner is sure to enjoy.

She also recommends a maca root supplement, which can help balance your hormones and up your sex drive. Finally, she recommends upping your water intake as much as possible the day of your romantic rendezvous, to help flush out any smells and keep your vaginal area moist.

DO self-medicate.

The first time you are waxed, you might feel anxious before the first pull. This is totally normal. If you’re worried, try taking some Tylenol to help minimize pain or having a glass of wine beforehand to calm your nerves.

DON’T stay if they don’t meet your standards.

When applying wax to your sensitive areas, your esthetician should use an applicator, often a small wooden stick similar to a tongue depressor. If he or she attempts to use that applicator more than once, leave immediately. Double-dipping an applicator is highly unsanitary and can spread disease. Also, if your esthetician uses a soft wax removed with strips of cloth rather than hard wax, find another spa. Soft wax can adhere to skin, which is much more painful.

DO exfoliate.

Any area that you plan on having waxed should be thoroughly exfoliated before your appointment. This will slough off any layers of dead skin, which will help prevent painful ingrown hairs. When choosing an exfoliant be picky. Make sure the product is all natural with no oil, as this can clog your pores and lead to ingrown hairs. You can whip up your own organic scrub by combining 1 cup of raw sugar and ¼ cup of honey with a ¼ cup of lemon juice.

DON’T tweeze yourself.

If you have any ingrown hairs before or after the wax, do not take care of it yourself— particularly on the lips of the vagina. This can lead to infection and a painful experience. Logan advises to exfoliate thoroughly instead and ask your esthetician to take care of it during your next visit.

DO be gentle with yourself afterward.

You should wait 24 to 48 hours after being waxed to exfoliate the area, as it will be sensitive. You should also wait 24 hours before taking a hot shower. If you are experiencing discomfort, Logan suggests using an aloe vera product that is 100% pure. She also recommends investing in a serum that will help minimize ingrown hairs and razor bumps, such as Smooth by Savan, which can be purchased at Sweet Samba.

DON’T skip the shower.

The area to be waxed should be thoroughly cleaned before your appointment. Any discharge or infection can get in the way of the hair removal, and is not pleasant for your esthetician. We recommend bringing a package of baby wipes to very quickly clean the area before your waxing commences.

While this undertaking might result in some temporary pain, the gift that this experience will give your partner will certainly outweigh the discomfort. Not only does waxing provide a smooth surface for stimulation, it gives your lover a new terrain to map as well as easier access to your more sensitive areas. Your significant other is sure to appreciate the gesture, and your night can only benefit from such gratitude.

If you have any questions or are in the Atlanta area and would like to contact Logan Rosenblatt for an appointment, email her at You can also book an appointment at Sweet Samba by visiting

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