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They have served you well and deserve to go out with dignity, but there is no distinguished resting place for used sex toys. It’s not like you can ship them off to an assisted living for respite care. In fact, recycling or even throwing away used sex toys is a bit problematic. Your local recycling company views used sex toys as a biohazard and recommends you throw them in with the regular garbage. Then there is the whole battery issue too. Rechargeable batteries end up in landfills causing a toxic and corrosive conundrum. What are eco-conscious pleasure seekers supposed to do with used sex toys?

Kicking old sex toys to the curb may be a little easier than you first thought possible. Here’s our guide on getting rid of your used sex toys.


Although we would never recommend buying a second-hand dildo (for obvious reasons), there are those who don’t mind so much. Believe it or not, there is a growing industry for “gently-used” sex toys. Most people reselling old sex toys use sites like eBay and Craigslist to hock non-insertable items such as bondage gear and nipple clamps. However, there are a few who are selling used sex toys at a discounted price which usually includes the original packaging.

Private Swap Meet

Having an intimate swap meet among friends is one of the best ways of clearing out old sex toys from your pleasure chest. Silicone toys such as dildos and anal plugs can be boiled and sanitized. ABS-plastic toys can be cleaned using a sex toy cleaner and a little bit of alcohol. Glass or ceramic toys can be cleaned using anti-bacterial soap and warm water. We encourage you to be more eco-friendly, but be sure you know your friends well enough before using their old toys.

Recycling used Sex Toys

There is a land for misfit and used sex toys! It’s called Although the company is relatively small, they are a creative alternative to tossing used sex toys in landfills. Simply mail in your used sex toys to their warehouse. They will then clean, disassemble and reprocess materials like rubber, silicone, hard plastics and e-ware. In return for your eco-consciousness, the company will provide a gift card to use at one of the many sex toy affiliate partners.

Using Alternative Sex Toys

More and more sex toy manufacturers are combining the passion for sex with the love for our planet with ecological alternatives. Using glass or metal sex toys has very little impact and these types of sex toys generally outlast other materials. Here’s our list of some of the best alternative sex toys.

Dildos: Chakrubs offers a wide variety of natural crystal dildos that are designed to last forever.

Anal Plugs: Crystal Delights has gorgeously detailed butt plugs that go from smooth to textured.

G-spot and P-spot: Njoy is one of the only company offering premium stainless steel sex toys.