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Oh, the weather outside may be frightful, inside it can be so delightful. You might be forgoing any plans, save for attending or throwing a holiday event, and instead opting for a cozy blanket indoors with your significant other. Rather than succumb the siren song of your couch, you can celebrate the season and say goodbye to 2015 with your partner in these fiery ways. Trust us, you won’t be chilly for long.

Turn the routine of getting ready into a sensual experience.

Rather than primping separately, you and your lover should take a hold of the opportunity at hand. Hop in the bath or shower together and make sure that all of your important parts are thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, see how much you can distract each other from your tasks. You might not make it out of the house at all.

Have breakfast in bed (and stay there for a while.)

Bring your cereal or pancakes back to bed on a chilly morning when you don’t want to venture outside of the covers. You could get creative with the syrup or whipped cream from the waffles, though we would recommend utilizing the PVC Sheet if you’re going to get messy. Or, you could bunk tradition, and have breakfast for dinner—with each other for dessert.

Leave a naughty note in your partner’s coat pocket for later.

You can specify exactly what you have in mind for a future date, or be coy about your plans. Or, as your mother always taught you growing up, you could say thank you for the amazing time you just shared. No matter the subject, finding the note will ensure that you are on your partner’s mind, even when you aren’t there.

Have a snowball fight.

If you live in an area where snow falls regularly, you might not appreciate the romantic side of a wintery wonderland. Bundle with your partner, and spend some time sledding, throwing snowballs, and wrestling each other to the ground. Once you’ve gotten nice and chilly, head inside to help each other peel off those layers of clothing and warm each other up.

Watch a sexy movie together.

While an erotic film would be the obvious choice, there are other steamy options. Try a how-to video to learn some new moves, or your favorite R-rated film filled with steamy scenes.

Paint your partner with something tasty and lick it off.

Make Picasso proud by creating a true masterpiece. Take your favorite lickable food – be it chocolate, whipped cream, or cheese in a can – and design a work of art on your partner’s body. Then, enjoy licking your creation away. You can try Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint, which comes with a handy paint brush, or, if edible art is not your idea of a good time, create a lasting memory and a steamy decoration with a Love is Art kit.

Brainstorm a code word for when you want to have sex. Use it in public.

The word should be one that no one else would pick up on, and wouldn’t be dropped often in conversation. If you’re really daring, act on it in public as well.

Take a long lunch in a hotel room for an afternoon quickie.

If you and your partner have crazy schedules, and work fairly near each other, this is an excellent way to add spice into your day and make the afternoon a happy one. Plus, it adds the thrill of sex in an unfamiliar place.

Get nostalgic and redo your first date together.

If you‘ve been together for a while, reminiscing about your first date could be a fun night. Go back to the restaurant that you and your partner first visited, watch the movie that you saw together on DVD, or try to get tickets to see that band again. Rediscover the spark you felt that night.

Write out your favorite fantasies and pick them at random from a bag.

Take several index cards and pen exactly what you would like to do to your partner or vice versa. Blindly draw the cards from a bag or hat, and act out the scenes accordingly. If you need any inspiration, try a role playing game.

Pick an activity to get your blood pumping—to all the right places.

Rather than sticking to the traditional format of dinner and a movie, try picking an exciting activity for a date. Go sky-diving, take a trapeze class, or drive a race car on a professional track. With your adrenaline pumping, you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

Pretend you’re kids again and “play doctor.”

Take all of the pillows, blankets, and cushions in your home into the biggest room—you’re building a fort. Once your structure is complete, pretend you are playing doctor and explore your partner’s body as if it’s the first time, paying close attention to all areas.

Go lingerie shopping together.

Pick out options for each other and model them in the fitting rooms. This trip could also include a visit to an adult toy store to pick up a new Liberator product, and should absolutely include a private showing back at home.

Take an impromptu getaway.

Directly after the holidays, hotel and airline prices will drop. Take advantage of this price cut, and book a trip to somewhere warm to thaw out from all this chilly weather. We recommend giving yourself only 48 hours notice to up the excitement level.

Have any ideas of your own? Leave them in the comments!

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