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askava2-980x6681-300x2041How do I get a girl to squirt by only fingering? Will she release or ejaculate a liquid other than urine? And how would I know that it’s not urine?  

To pee or not to be pee, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the urine of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of yellow,
And, by opposing, end the fun.

Now that Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave, let’s discuss what actually happens when a woman squirts. Then we’ll cover a few ways to get her there. If you’ve ever watched porn you have an idea what squirting is about. But you probably don’t know how it works in real life. Porn stars often fake it with fancy editing and a vagina full of water. That doesn’t mean squirting isn’t real. It’s just that it may not reach across the room and water the plants.

So, what comes out IRL? The truth is we don’t know. It may be fluid stored in the bladder (a.k.a pee) or it may be a little urine mixed with other fluids. In the limited and ongoing research into the matter, some women release a clear fluid from their bladder while others release a fluid mixed with a whitish substance from their Skene’s gland, similar to what men ejaculate without the semen. In fact, the women involved in the test had empty bladders before orgasm. They squirted various amounts of a clear fluid from their bladder during orgasm and then had an empty bladder afterward. This obviously shows there is something special going on—we just don’t know what exactly or why.

There is a fine line between squirting and ejaculation. If squirting releases fluid from the bladder and ejaculating expels fluid from the Skene’s gland, then I say, why not both? Take the pee with the not-pee. Even if it is pee, it’s very diluted. In fact, there are traces of urine in men’s ejaculate as well. So, think about that next time you come in her mouth. 

It is this distinction which creates confusion and worries in the minds of women. Just the thought of peeing makes them hold back from the experience. What matters most is the orgasm and how amazing it feels. It’s messy and dirty and totally worth making your woman squirt. If she is worried about peeing all over your hands, then she’s not going to come—no matter what comes out.

That is the first step to making a woman squirt—making her comfortable. It all starts in her mind, long before you are actually having sex. Don’t pressure her, don’t place expectations on her. If she feels like you are expecting her to squirt and she cannot, the frustration is going to ruin your chances.

You are going to need some buildup in order for her to have this amazing orgasm. She’s got to be bursting at the seams to come. Take your time with foreplay so her engine has started even before you turn the key. Stroke her body gently and suck on her nipples. Bite that sweet spot where her neck meets the shoulders and make lots of sexy eye contact. Tell her how beautiful and sexy she looks. This lets her knows you are exactly where you want to be—focused on her.

Don’t neglect her clitoris either. But be sure to keep your movements light so that she does not become desensitized. The goal should be to get her as close to orgasm as possible and then work your magic to making her squirt. Once she is close to coming, maybe back down some and keep her wanting more as the tension builds. Listen to her and watch for bodily clues. If she wants it faster and harder or slower and gentler—do just that, no more and no less.

Once she is properly turned on and begging for it, you can start stimulating her G-spot with your fingers. This could be a little intense. So, make sure you have a lot of lube on hand. You don’t want her to get sore. Locating the G-spot can be done with your fingertips. Insert one or two fingers about an inch or so inside her vagina. You should be able to feel a spongy area that is slightly raised and about the size of a quarter. Jackpot!

474990176Face your partner with your palm up and in front of you. It may work best if you are standing and she is laying on the bed in front of you. Take one finger and start massaging her G-spot with a come-hither motion—up and down, not in and out. Use your whole arm, not just your fingers. Take a strong stance because you are going to be working your arm and need a steady foundation. Build up your intensity and speed, and be sure to ask her how she wants it. When she is ready, insert the second finger. Keep going, faster and faster until she can’t take it anymore.

At this point, she’ll be ready to explode. Once you feel like she is built up enough, place your other hand on top of her pelvis and press down gently. This adds sensations, but will probably make her feel like she has to pee. Tell her it’s okay, to let go and she’s not going to pee (scientifically-speaking). That feeling is actually good because it means she can squirt just as long as she relaxes those muscles. It also may help to tell her at this point that you want her to squirt. Give her permission to let go.

While your fingers are making her squirt, they can also block the flow of juices. If it seems like she is clenching down on your hand rather than letting go, remove your fingers right at the moment of orgasm. This can be tricky timing-wise. But if you can do it right, that release of your fingers may cause her to squirt immediately. Do not release your pressure on her pelvis or rubbing her clit, however.

Woo! What a workout! But hopefully, it will end with a very satisfied partner and some extremely wet sheets. Squirting orgasms feel like a full-body release and will leave her feeling like jelly on the bed. Don’t be too surprised when you see her looking at you like you just discovered a new continent and named it after her. The good news is it doesn’t happen immediately, there’s always next time!