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If having a Macy’s Day Parade kind of orgasm—you know, with big balloons overhead, bands marching, and people yelling in enthusiasm from the street—is important to you, then it’s time to start doing some exercises. Actually, you could be exercising right this minute without ever having to put on running shoes or change into fitness gear. As you are reading this, you could be giving your Pubococcygeus muscle (PC) a workout. In other words, you could be doing your Kegels.

kegelWhat in the world?!?

Named after the inventor, Gynecologist Arnold Kegel, this is basically a crunch for your privates. Kegels can make the vagina become more sensitive during intercourse and are a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that control your bladder, orgasms and vaginal contractions. But first, before we begin, let’s locate the PC muscle. Think about the last time you went to urinate and had to suddenly stop your flow mid-stream. Yep, you guessed correctly—that is your PC muscle. It’s also the same muscle that pumps and gives you that awesome feeling during orgasm.

Training Day

ee31d10002c4a5bab9197695f1c5a389e42The beauty of Kegel exercises is that you can do them anywhere at anytime, and no one will notice (unless you start moaning, of course). The stronger your PC muscles, the better the orgasms and doing it doesn’t take much. When beginning your kegel exercise routine, aim for 3 reps of 10 each day. You can even start before getting to work. If you’re sitting in traffic, release and squeeze. To make it more adventurous, try holding your muscle tight until the light turns green or when the cars start moving again. (If you live in Atlanta, that’s a lot of exercising). While doing Kegels, make sure your entire body is relaxed as you focus solely on the pelvic floor.

Luna_beads_moodAmp it Up

Once you become a pro at Kegels, you may want to consider upping the ante by adding some weights. The LELO Luna Beads act like mini weights that strengthen your pelvic floor, taking your workout and orgasms to a whole new level. Simply insert them into your vagina, and squeeze your muscles upward holding onto the beads for as long as you can. The inner balls move when you do and produce a subtle vibration that prompts muscles to contract and relax.

Love at First Squeeze

There’s no need to hire a boot camp instructor for Kegels, but sometimes a little motivation doesn’t hurt. In fact, the LELO Luna Smart Bead work like a personal trainer for your vagina. With touch-sensors that respond to your body, this little device sets a routine that’s right for you from first squeeze. The “contract & relax” technique allows the vibrations to guide you through an easy workout, and it monitors your orgasm potential overtime. With an extra mode for pleasure, the reward for doing your Kegels is worth the effort.

LELO Luna Smart Bead

A Training Partner

One of the best way to practice your Kegel exercises is during sex. That’s correct—Kegels not only make your orgasms more powerful but it wraps your vagina snugly around your partners penis. Pumping your PC muscles while having sex gives both you and your partner an amazing sensation. While you’re on top, as you do down, release and relax your vaginal muscles, then squeeze your muscles tight when coming up. While you’re performing oral sex, try doing your Kegels with the movement of your mouths, lips and head. This will keep your body focused on the act while providing him with some pleasure.

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear

Kegels are not just for women, too. Healthy lifestyle blogger filled us in on how powerful Kegels can be for men here.

Just like any other workout, strengthening and tightening any muscle takes time. To be successful, make it an adventure by rewarding yourself with the an occasional treat (like a new pair of shoes or fun sex toy). Eventually, you will be able to achieve orgasmic heights you’ve only dreamed of and will feel more confident about the health and welfare of your most treasured body part—your vagina! So what could you possibly be waiting for? Get on board the daily Kegel bus right this minute.