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Playboy TV Takes Everyone on a Toyride

A new Playboy TV show, Toyride goes behind-the-scenes with an all access pass to the Liberator Factory and Showroom. Nikki and Daniel, the stars of Playboy TV Swing and hosts of Toyride travel around the nation in search of exciting and innovative sexual wellness brands. The sexy, swinging couple recently arrived in Atlanta for an exclusive inside look at how the Liberator Shapes are made. In this episode, Nikki and Daniel are accompanied by a sexy cohort who is just as excited by the adventure. The group gets an exclusive tour from CEO and founder of Liberator, Louis Friedman. He takes them on a journey of the entire 350,000 square foot factory and lets them experience the company’s assembly process from the fabric selection and foam cutting to sewing the materials to adding the final touches.


The trio is anxious to try out some of the most popular Liberator Shapes and are finally greeted by a company representative who guides them through the Liberator Showroom. They get a brief lesson on the finished product before landing inside the Liberator Playground. Completely surrounded by a variety of Liberator products, it’s easy to see what turns this couple on. Things get hot and heavy as they all climb aboard the Liberator Equus Wave. The hosts and their lovely guest spend time getting to know Liberator in the most intimate of ways before making their leave.

To see the full unedited version with sex and nudity, head on over to this link for more.

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