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When beginning a new relationship, there is so much to look forward to—your first kiss, first date, first sexual contact. But that last experience can come with a lot of anxiety. What if there isn’t any physical chemistry? What if your partner asks you to perform an act you’re not familiar with? What if they don’t enjoy it?

While we can’t exactly light the spark for you, we can help you brush up on the lingo, so you’re on the same page as your partner. We’ve defined ten sex terms here that you might have pretended to know at a party, but want to actually learn for more private settings.


The Corkscrew:

For some creative fingering, the giver crosses their middle and index fingers (as if wishing for good luck). Then, when penetrating the receiver, the giver twists their wrist while thrusting in and out.

The High Dive:

One completes the High Dive by completely withdrawing their penis or strap-on from the receiver’s vagina or anus, and then penetrating again in one complete plunge. This only works with adequate lubrication, of course, so be sure to stock up.

The Menthol

The Menthol is the act of performing oral sex on someone during or immediately after the consumption of a mint. It stimulates blood flow, making you more sensitive, and the tingling sensation can be really fun! Because sugar can wreak havoc on the genitals (especially vaginas), we at Liberator always recommend sugar- and glycerine-free lubricants. Try Aloe Cadabra in Peppermint Tingle to create this effect safely.


Edgeplay describes sexual activity that is especially rough, “deviant,” or potentially dangerous. This can include knifeplay, bloodplay, breathplay (involving erotic asphyxiation) and more. Some practitioners may even forego the use of a safeword. As such, this genre of activity requires an enormous amount of communication and trust with your partner.

Sailor’s Cup of Tea

If you’re ever asked for a “sailor’s cup of tea,” this refers to anal sex, particularly to the person receiving penetration.


This is an overlapping acronym for Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Sadism/Submission, and Masochism. The term refers to an amalgamation of sexual practices that involve inflicting and incurring intense physical (often painful) sensations, and playing with power dynamics. The Liberator Black Label Shapes, which offer a classic fetish aesthetic and can accommodate restraints, were designed with exactly this kind of play in mind.

The Mork

This move was inspired by Mork & Mindy, the popular ’70s sitcom starring Robin Williams. If you’ve seen it, you’ll easily recall Mork’s specific hand gesture greeting, in which you connect your first two fingers and your last two fingers, and separate both groups to create the letter “V.” Then, you insert the middle and index finger into the vagina, and the ring and pinky into the anus. The technique is also referred to as “The Spock,” as the receiver will surely live long and prosper.

The Slosh

Slosh literally means “to make a splashing sound.” In terms of playtime, it describes a messy adventure that can involve food (like sauces, chocolate syrup, or jelly) or any other viscous substance like mud or even lotion. Such slippery affairs are best attempted on an easily cleaned surface, such as the Black Label Slick Wet Sheet & Shams or the Black Label Escape Wet.


Not to be confused with edgeplay! This technique, which can be done solo or with a partner, is much simpler and safer. Basically, the person receiving pleasure gets as close to orgasm as possible without going over the edge, and then stops all stimulation. It sounds like a cruel tease, but when done repeatedly, the orgasm that comes with the eventual release is explosive.

The Blind Date

You’d be surprised how much novelty is locked into an old favorite move — you just have to strip away your sight to reach it. Blindfolds can make an old trick feel new again by forcing you to focus on your other senses. Plus, not knowing what’s coming can be incredibly hot!