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One of the best parts of growing older is saying ‘Who cares!’ to those pesky and meaningless insecurities that may have plagued you in your 20s. You know who you are and what you want, and that applies in the bedroom as well. So its no wonder that older couples are going for the gold when it comes to longer sexual lives.

For women in particular, it can be a liberating time. They move beyond their body issues and embrace receiving pleasure like never before. They learn that what makes sex sexy is not what you look like, but the passion and desire you put into it. The pressure is off and the pleasure is on—some women even report they can orgasm more frequently and with more ease after 50.

Those who have been in relationships for many years know that with time comes a closeness, where you can be in tune with every breath, every moment, and that can make for a more satisfied sex life. But there are also more single people over 50 than ever before, so the opportunities for new encounters are higher than ever.



In fact, there are some statistics that may surprise younger couples that indicate that people over 50 are just as engaged in their sex life, just as active, and just as hot.

88% of couples over 50 go out on dates regularly. They say they are ‘extremely happy’ to get some alone time with their partner. It’s that focus on each other that keep them invested in their relationship.

47% of women and 55% of men report that they regularly tell their partner how attractive they are. Always nice to hear that the person who has seen you naked still wants to see you naked.

77% of women and 60% of men still perform oral sex on their partner. Although we think the men need to step it up a bit, these are still encouraging numbers.

Similar to our thoughts on how often happy couples have sex, 31% of couples over 50 have sex several times a week, 28 once or twice a month, and 8 percent once per month.

33% said that they rarely or never have sex. This seems sad at first glance, but most of these couples also report that they are extremely happy. Sex can be about more than intercourse. Touching, kissing and even snuggling on the couch watching TV can bring two people closer.

And best of all, 72% of people said that given the chance, they would do it all over again. Same partner, same experiences.

There are some downsides to getting older. Some—but not all—men experience erectile dysfunction. The good news is that is problem is a lot less prevalent than most people realize. In a survey of men over 70, almost 75 percent said they have few if any erectile problems. And if you do, there’s a pill for that. Women also change with age. After menopause, vaginal drying may affect their love life, but with so many amazing lubes on the market, there is no reason to let that stop you.

comboAnd of course, a few Liberator products can help aid those with joint or muscle issues. It helps take pressure off knees, hips and necks to allow for prolonged sessions without putting stress on your body. You will be able to pull off moves you haven’t done since you were in your 20s! The Wedge/Ramp Combo is perfect for the bed, but check out the Esse if you are looking for something outside of the norm. Even more astounding than the physical benefits are the emotional benefits. They create a new landscape for play, something that takes your existing connection and deepens it through new experiences.

People are living longer and are active for a much longer time, so it just makes sense that sex would come along for the ride. But what’s more, sex and your health have a symbiotic relationship—sex can improve your health, and your health improves your sex life. It provides stress management and aerobic exercise, not to mention a connection with someone. Besides, why let all that experience go to waste? You’ve got the knowledge so use it!

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