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Created for 360 degrees of sexual pleasure, the Esse position guide will give you a stage for the best sex of your life with every angle designed to provide the best access, sweetest support, and most enticing possibilities. When not in use, this lounger blends into your furniture, and it is supremely comfortable for reading or watching TV.

But with such an ergonomic playground awaiting you, you might be stumped on what position to try first. We’ve got you covered with this inspirational position guide. And once you’ve mastered these poses, try creating your own tantalizing positions!

The Wave


Reverse Wicked Cowgirl


Looking for a shorter, slimmer option that’s easier to straddle? Try the Esse Chaise,a contemporary styled sex lounger that’s available in a gorgeous faux-leather finish.

The Head over Heels


The Lap Dance


Want more height? Slide the Esse Stage underneath your Esse to add extra oomph.

The Magic Mountain


The Bridge and Tunnel


And, if you’re ready to play with playful restraint, upgrade to the Black label Esse, Black Label Esse Chaise, or Black Label Esse Stage. The multiple clips and D-rings offers multiple configurations for your ankle, wrist, and thigh cuffs to give your imagination even more room to play.