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Bedtime and playtime are two very different things—and the Black Label Center Stage was designed for couples looking for more theater in their intimacy. It is the ultimate supportive platform—with a kinky twist. Ideal for erotic massage and a variety of sexual positions with the ability to attach cuffs, silk sashes or ropes, the Stage creates a portable bondage base on the bed or floor. Whether your whim is the sensuous relief of massage or the thrill of power play, the Stage paves the way for a variety of delicious experiences to tantalize your senses with full-body foreplay. Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to set the stage for play.



blcenterstage_illustration1The Long Stretch



blcenterstage_illustration2Easy Street




blcenterstage_illustration3The Yin and Yang




blcenterstage_illustration4The Rough Rider




blcenterstage_illustration5The Smack Down




blcenterstage_illustration6The Royal ‘R’