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More than likely, you’ve come across a hot looking sex scene involving some form of temperature play. Like an ice cube being dragged across a naked body with the camera focusing on goose-pimpled flesh and pooling water in a belly button. Although a super sexy scene from the movie 9 1/2 weeks, it’s not the best example of a temperature play session. That’s because not everyone is into using ice.

Here are some temperature play tips you can try tonight for adding a little hot and cold into your sex life.

What is Temperature Play?

Temperature play, as it’s commonly referred to in the BDSM community, is a great way of adding more spice to your sex life. Using warm and cool sensations during sex or foreplay can feel pretty amazing as it helps awaken the nerve endings and amplifies arousal. While temperature play may sound tricky to some people, it’s actually fairly easy. You don’t really need a bunch of expensive sex toys, or even ice, to enjoy the tingling sensation of temperature play.

Amplifying the Senses

You can amplify the temperature play experience adding a Liberator LoveBlind. Using a blindfold lets the brain focus more on the touch as the alternating the hot/cold treatment helps intensify the anticipation and heighten the sensation. Boost your temperature play session a bit by restraining your partner’s movement too. Simply cuff them down and watch as they squirm beneath the tantalizing temperature changes.

Temperature Play

Temperature Play with Sex Toys

The primary goal of temperature play is to heighten arousal through the skin’s neuroreceptors. Stimulation, whether internally or externally can be achieved with sex toys that can be heated or cooled. The Njoy Pure Wand is the ideal sex toy for combining both warmth and coolness. Crafted from stainless steel, the Njoy product line easily warms to your core body temperature and can be dipped in warm or cold water for extra stimulation. 

Temperature Play

“There’s nothing like the sensation of something cold passing across the surface of my body and then, being inserted gently and intentionally inside of me. The anticipation of the cold the stainless steel entering my vagina is such a different and exciting sensation.”


A glass dildo works wonders in the temperature play department too. The Vincent from the Liberator GlassWorks Collection is an amazing toy that lets you go from hot to cold within minutes. Run the glass dildo under hot water for a realistic sensation and cool is off in a bucket of ice for a chilly tease.

You don’t need a partner to enjoy the thrilling benefits of temperature play. There is an entire market for heated vibrators and conductive toys that make solo-play even more adventurous. The JimmyJane Glo Rabbit heats up to a few degrees hotter than your core body temperature (104-degrees) taking masturbation to new levels. The heat gives the vibrator a realistic sensation.

Temperature Play


Sex Pro Tip: Metal or Glass Sex Toys should never be heated up in boiling water or microwave and then cooled down by putting the freezer.


Be Creative

Believe it or not, your kitchen is a great place to start when looking for temperature play goodies. Of course, you can automatically reach for the ice. But why not challenge yourself in the bedroom. Be creative and use objects that can easily transform from hot to cold. Coconut oil is one of the best temperature play products. It melts really fast and can be used for an erotic massage. Temperature play can also include edible delights. Add some ice cream and strawberries for a sticky cool experience. Or warm liquids like melted chocolate, chocolate syrup or for a warm sensation.

Temperature Play


Temperature Play is full of endless possibilities. The idea is to have fun while experiencing a host of new sexual sensations. Remember, with temperature play you’re only limited by your own imagination.